Mondadori pays its staff based on merit criteria related to skills, professional conduct and, in the case of managers, the results obtained.

In addition to a fixed salary, the employee remuneration system includes collective variable incentives (results-based bonuses), which exclude executives and employees (executives, middle managers and office workers) covered by the MBO (management by objectives) system based on individual and company profitability and productivity goals. The aim is to incentivise staff to play a more direct role in achieving results.

In 2018, the various supplementary contracts for employees covered by the publishing workers national contract (CCNL grafici editoriali) were harmonised into a single second-level contract that focuses on innovation and work-life balance.


Collective bargaining agreements 2017 - Italy

Graphics publishing staff ¹68%61%39%
Sales 220%56%44%

¹ including Industry executives

2 including Sales executives

All employees, in Italy and in France, are covered by collective bargaining agreements; in Italy specifically those for editorial and design, journalism and sales.

In 2017 in France, the two labour agreements covering magazine office workers and middle managers were merged into one agreement.


Collective bargaining agreements 2017 - France

Employés et cadres des Editeurs de presse Magazine50%68%32%