The Stakeholder Engagement Plan is a commitment to apply the principle of inclusiveness, which means recognising the right of stakeholders to be heard and accepting a duty to report on activities and choices

AA 1000SES, 2005

During a dedicated workshop moderated by external consultants, the Sustainability Committee established the guidelines for our stakeholder engagement plan.

The phases of the process are:

    • Establishing stakeholder engagement standards: identifying standards, guidelines and stages of achievement for stakeholder engagement;
    • Summarising the results of the process of identifying the material issues and relevant stakeholders;
    • Identifying stakeholder involvement tools currently existing within the company.

Shareholders and investors

How we communicate with analysts and investors
The Investor Relations department manages relations with institutional investors and, in conjunction with the Corporate and Legal Affairs Department, with shareholders in general.

How we listen to shareholders and investors
Our managers hold regular meetings with the financial community. These can be divided into the following categories:

      • analyst meetings: these generally take place once a year at the Segrate head office during the presentation of annual results and are attended by financial analysts, investors and the trade press;
      • conference calls: organised to announce quarterly results or extraordinary transactions; analysts and investors participate by telephone and may ask questions;
      • roadshows: opportunities for senior managers to meet major institutional investors in the main international financial centres;
      • one-to-one meetings: meetings with analysts and investors that take place at the Segrate head office and at the offices of investors and/or analysts.

Subject to prior registration, all company shareholders may attend Shareholders’ Meetings and put questions directly to the company’s senior management.

Representatives of the financial community can ask questions via this website (Contacts: Head of Investor Relations).


Our focus on customers’ needs is reflected in our constant endeavour to ensure that information regarding the Company and its products is accessible and clear. This website also plays a role in this regard, providing users with links to other Group websites, email addresses for obtaining information and links to the main social network channels of individual businesses or products.


One of our main commitments is to ensure that all information relating to employees and associates is fully accessible.

Network, the company intranet, is designed to ensure maximum accessibility to any information pertaining to employees and contract workers, and is available to everyone with a PC in the various offices. It contains information and documents, procedures and data relating to the facilities described above, as well as instructions on the proper performance of staff duties.

The company intranet is also used to involve staff in socially beneficial initiatives, such as giving blood or raising funds for scientific research associations.

In addition to the aforementioned functions, the platform also serves to tell the story of the company’s gradual transformation and to encourage dialogue and the exchange of information, as well as increase staff knowledge and awareness of the areas in which the Group operates.


The channels currently working are:

StakeholdersAssessment of communication channels openedMain subjects dealt with via the communication channels opened
Print and paper suppliersContract clauses (multiannual) and Code of EthicsContract performance and fees
Print and paper suppliersMeetings with company managersStrategic / operational aspects
Print and paper suppliersOperational communications (orders, etc.)
Other suppliers (e.g. IT, car leasing)Contract clauses and Code of Ethics
Other suppliers (e.g. IT, car leasing)IT Platform (to be activated)Qualification and contractual aspects; payments