Staff engagement at Mondadori Retail

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 we hosted at our headquarters in Segrate the event Talent Days, a workshop dedicated to active job search techniques that we wanted to reserve for girls and boys between 18 and 28 years, children or family members of our employees.

The initiative, carried out in collaboration with HRC Group, was attended by over 60 young people and about 20 human resources professionals who are part of the HRC network (a community that brings together HR directors and managers of over 300 Italian companies): in addition to our colleagues from the staff, in the work of the workshop, experts in research and selection from various sectors took turns: communication, consumer goods, insurance, banks, IT, automotive and services.

An intense and articulated day, thanks to which participants were able to learn essential information and immediately put into practice tips and strategies: to write a winning CV, use their social profiles for job search and successfully hold selection interviews.

Watch the video with a summary of the day and browse the album of the event.

Nuovo Devoto-Oli: a new edition of the historic Italian dictionary

To present the new edition of the Nuovo Devoto-Oli, in 2017 MOndadori Education organised an integrated project for the recovery and development of the use of the Italian language. The Devoto-Oli dictionary belongs to the linguistic heritage of Italy and all Italians, and it is the duty of the publisher to make sure it continues to do so. Mondadori Education is a guarantor for the protection of that heritage. As such, it is committed to ensuring that the dictionary remains the basis of the linguistic knowledge and skills of Italians today and tomorrow.

In the belief that the words we use and the lexicon we choose define who we are, the campaign #leparolechesono was launched, together with the competition Ritratti di parole. The underlying idea was to give a portrait of ourselves using words, rather than images, as usually happens on the Internet and social media. Language is the most important asset we have. Our knowledge of language is essential for presenting ourselves to the world.

At the same, two large-scale events were organised, entitled #LE PAROLE CHE SIAMO. Il Nuovo Devoto-Oli e la lingua italiana, at Mondadori bookshops in Rome and Rizzoli bookshops in Milan. The events involved discussion panels, conducted by the linguist Giuseppe Antonelli and supported by the writers Luca Serianni and Maurizio Trifone, on the issue of linguistic and lexical skills and on the need to regain our knowledge of the Italian language through suitable tools.

The success of the events has led Mondadori Education and Il Nuovo Devoto-Oli to reach out to schools with a new project for 2018. The initiative #leparolechesiamo #icittadinichediventiamo is a project targeted at all middle schools and high schools, which invites students to write essays on the topics “the words we are” and “the citizens we become”, convinced as we are that by reflecting on the meaning of these words, we can build a community of active citizens and develop civic conscience.