We began the process to define and implement stakeholder engagement activity in parallel with drafting the Sustainability Report, with the aim of aligning the contents of the Report, and now of the Consolidated non-financial statement, with the needs of the company’s various types of stakeholders.

A chart summarising Mondadori’s activities and its relations with the outside world was used to map stakeholders who:

  • are affected by/provide inputs to Mondadori;
  • are part of Mondadori;
  • are affected by/receive outputs from Mondadori.

Such mapping enabled Mondadori to identify the categories of stakeholders, who were subsequently classified based on the following criteria: dependence on Mondadori and influence on the company.

Using targeted interviews and dedicated workshops with the in-house Sustainability Committee, each year we produce a map of our stakeholders and their respective levels of priority with regard to the company.
Stakeholders are grouped into uniform clusters, which are later individually examined to establish the level of interest vis-à-vis the main issues considered relevant by Mondadori, in order to further explore the materiality analysis conducted by the in-house Sustainability Committee.

mappa stakeholders_eng