Employee health and safety in the workplace have always been key priorities for us. We fulfil all the periodic obligations envisaged by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, focusing in particular on periodic safety meetings, office evacuation drills, fire marshal and first aider training and inspections of working environments in the presence of competent physicians selected by each company.

In implementing the range of activities planned, special attention was paid in 2018 to changes in the setup of the legal entities and locations used by staff: in all workplaces, the legally-required activities were completed, the risk assessment documents of the locations were updated, and the list of the corresponding figures, either designated or elected, involved in the management of the system for the protection of workers’ health and safety, accessible at all times in the “Prevention and safety” area of the corporate intranet Network, was updated.

A Group safety coordination unit, although not required by law, was established by the parent company to oversee and coordinate activities aimed at implementing the legal requirements, providing guidelines, and monitoring the planning and execution of annual obligations:

Regular meetings: 8 safety meetings were held concerning 22 sites and involving, along with the employers or their delegates for the companies, 4 health and safety managers and 6 health and safety officers, 22 workers’ safety representatives, and 7 occupational medicine practitioners.

On-site workplace inspections: jointly with the occupational medicine practitioners, in 2018 inspections were conducted of the workplaces of 22 Group sites.

Evacuation drills: in addition to the testing of emergency plans in 31 Retail Area stores, the safety officers of each Mondadori Group site coordinated annual evacuation drills involving all personnel on site. Feedback received on the drills was then used to identify and formalize the actions needed to improve emergency procedures.

The occupational health service was guaranteed by the San Raffaele Resnati Hospital: the 7 appointed practitioners visited 616 workers subject to health surveillance for the risks from the use of VDT exceeding 20 hours per week; the activities of the service are planned with the help of the workplace health and safety IT system adopted by the Mondadori Group. The platform enables the identification of the workers due for a health check-up, the planning of regular medical visits, and the management of medical records on a computerized and encrypted basis. The system is also used for the digital archiving of medical reports and documents, to fulfil statutory requirements under laws and regulation in force, and to plan training initiatives, and enables the internal supervisory body to constantly monitor Company compliance with the regulations in force.

In order to increase the number of staff able to use the AED (automatic external defibrillator) installed at the parent company’s headquarters, 14 first-aiders from Segrate took part (on a voluntary basis) in the BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) training course in March to gain knowledge of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early defibrillation.