At 31 December 2019 the Group had 2,018 employees.

The following tables show the percentage breakdown of the workforce according to gender, age, area of activity and qualification.

Workforce by age

2019of which womenof which men
less than 30 years3%55%45%
from 30 to 50 years59%64%36%
over 50 years38%59%41%

Workforce according to business

2019% of totalof which womenof which men

All employees in Italy are covered by three types of collective labour agreements: graphics publishing, journalist and sales contracts.

Permanent employment contracts cover 99% of employees in Italy and 93% in USA.

Permanent and temporary contracts 2019

Italy% of totalof which Womenof which Men
Permanent ¹99%62%38%

¹ including apprentice contracts


USA% of totalof which Womenof which Men

Full time and part-time

2019% of totalof which womenof which men
Full time88%58%42%
Part time12%85%15%

All employees, regardless of their employment contract, are entitled to parental leave.

Parental leave 2019

Employees with a right to parental leave ¹1,2447742,018
Employees who have enjoyed parental leave9818116
Employees gone back to work after parental leave9518113
% of employees returning to work and retention after parental leave97%100%97%

¹ For consistency with other workforce tables, figures are shown at 31 December; as regards the employees that took parental leave, the total number includes those not appearing in end-of-year headcounts due to terminations/resignations.