The new company agreement introduces the testing of effective tools to help juggle work and life, such as smart working and family support measures, with the aim of providing better conditions to combine work and family needs. Special attention has been paid in this sense to maternity protection, with the reduction of working hours in the six months following return and the anticipation of full pay for periods with reduced remuneration, while new fathers are granted 10 days of paid leave. In cases of serious illness, the period of respite has also been suspended with a view to job retention.

Despite the persisting criticalities affecting the publishing sector, from an economic point of view, the agreement also provides for the establishment, for the 2019-2021 three-year period, of an annual variable performance bonus common to all Group companies, part of it made available through a corporate welfare system that provides employees with a series of services and initiatives to facilitate the well-being of workers and their family.

Mondadori’s focus on its employees is also translated into the provision of benefits, services and activities for employees, both at and outside work, some of which were introduced following proposals from the staff themselves. The main ones are listed below; they can be used by each and every staff member, independently of their contract type, with the sole exception of supplementary healthcare benefits.

Flexible working hours

Flexible start/end times and possible part-time contracts: we try to meet employees’ needs and reconcile professional needs with personal time.

Supplementary health insurance coverage

Supplementary health insurance coverage is an optional benefit offered to employees (of Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. and Mondadori Pubblicità, with the exclusion of executive managers), who have completed their trial period and choose to pay the monthly contribution fee. The supplementary health and social fund (FISS) partially covers some expenses and also makes other contributions in particular situations. Coverage can also be extended to family members.

Health service

Personnel operating in the Milan area can make use of a health service provided in the company offices, including blood tests, medical check-ups, pap tests, and medical visits. In partnership with Avis, Mondadori has organised two blood donor days every year since 2006, at an Avis station at the Segrate head office.

Shuttle service

The shuttle service connects the Segrate head office with strategic locations in Milan, which can easily be reached by the large number of passengers arriving from the various city districts and suburban areas around Milan by public transport (buses and trains).
Thanks to agreements in place with the bus operator ATM and the rail service provider Trenord, employees and contract workers can purchase annual bus or train passes at a discount, valid for the entire urban and suburban public transport network in the SITAM (Milan) area and the regional railway network (suburban and regional lines).
Company buses are reserved for employees, contract workers, suppliers, and guests of the company. Every ticket has a symbolic cost of 0.03 euro for employees and contract workers, while occasional visitors travel free of charge.

Tax assistance

In the last few years, a tax assistance service has been made available to employees for the filling out of their annual tax returns.

Subsidised products and commercial agreements

As well as the company bookshop at the Segrate head office, where it is possible to buy books and DVDs at a discount of between 30% and 50%, Mondadori employees can also take advantage of discounts in Group bookshops, on the e-commerce site, and on magazine subscriptions.
An outlet is also up and running at the Segrate head office, which sells basic food items as well as various other goods at discount prices, while offering s series of services.
A large number of other discount agreements have also been negotiated with other companies: the updated list is published on the company intranet.

Summer camps for the children of employees

Mondadori offers the possibility of organising two-week summer camps for children aged 5 to 13 years at camps in Castione della Presolana at discount rates. Packages include sports activities with instructors (tennis, horse-riding and rock climbing).

Company social club

Cral Mondadori is a non-profit association set up by the parent company in accordance with Article 18 of the Italian Constitution, Article 36, 37, and 38 of the Italian Civil Code and Article 11 of the Charter of Workers’ Rights.
All employees, former employees and their families can be members of Cral Mondadori.
As established by the articles of association (regularly registered at the Milan Inland Revenue Agency), the association is democratically managed by a Management Board.

Involvement of employees and collaborators

Prepared by the company to guarantee maximum accessibility to all information regarding employees and collaborators, the company intranet Network is available to all those who, in the various locations, have a personal computer. It provides access to information and documents, procedures and data relating to the facilities described above, as well as to the proper performance of their duties.

The company intranet is also used to involve staff in socially relevant initiatives, such as blood donation or fundraising for scientific research associations.

In addition to the functions described above, the platform makes it possible to describe the progressive transformation of the company and to promote dialogue, the exchange of information and knowledge of the Group’s people and areas of activity.