Our people are not merely numbers, but rather men and women with differing backgrounds, training and careers. What they share is a passion for publishing, an ability to work as a team and a determination to pursue objectives.

Current changes in the media industry have placed the emphasis on the need to renew skills and professionalism: our Human Resources department aims to attract and develop dynamic and proactive individuals who are driven to achieve continuous growth and results.

Particular focus is therefore given to professional and managerial training and development, especially for younger members of staff.

This tactic is part of a broader vision that translates into practices and conduct aimed, among other things, at ensuring health and safety in the workplace and guaranteeing equal opportunities for each individual.

Health and safety in the workplace

Ensuring health and safety in the workplace is one of the cornerstones of our corporate responsibility. Risk prevention and improvement of safety in the workplace are objectives that involve all employees across the various levels of the organisation, according to their different skills.

Staff development

We are a complex organisation with numerous professional profiles and offer employment opportunities to candidates with very different educational backgrounds.

With the progressive extension of the Academy training plan to the entire workforce, the performance evaluation system will also be adapted in a consistent manner.


The professional development of our employees is achieved by planning the most appropriate ongoing training for strengthening their skills and abilities.

Through a thorough and in-depth dialogue with contact persons in the different business areas in order to establish the needs and demands within the various structures and businesses, a tailor-made training offer has been developed to reflect the Group’s objectives and growth strategies.

Training is organised into specialist and managerial courses and language training courses, in addition to worker health and safety training courses.

Equal opportunities

One of the cornerstones of our management policy is to offer every employee the same opportunities to develop their skills and attitudes, avoiding any discrimination based on ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, nationality, religion and personal beliefs.

As also ratified by the Code of Ethics, Mondadori recognises that human resources are key to its development. The management of human resources is therefore based on respect for the individuality and professionalism of each member of staff and encourages a working environment based on respect, correctness and cooperation, drawing on the experience accrued in various areas of expertise in order to enable the involvement and empowerment of all employees and members of staff, in view of the specific objectives to be reached and the ways in which they are pursued.