As a media company, we deal on a daily basis with a special topic – creativity – and we feel a responsibility to cultivate it, disseminate it and reward it in a sustainable manner for the benefit of all. In this sense, the integration of paper and digital, not just in terms of “media” but, more importantly, as regards tools and languages, is of crucial importance in the development of the company’s publishing activities.

We are well aware of the great responsibility we have also towards its readers and users. For this reason, the company is committed to providing accurate, meticulous and truthful information in its editorial products, including books, magazines, websites and digital products, while respecting the attitudes and sensitivity of the general public.

Our responsibility to create and distribute content to our public can also be seen in our media literacy activities, initiatives designed to get users more closely acquainted with communication media.

In this respect, the initiatives of the monthly magazine for children and teenagers Focus Junior continued with the conclusion of the third edition of the Diventa giornalista competition, designed to introduce children and teenagers to the world of journalism in a fun and innovative yet accurate and exhaustive way. In May, the magazine took part in Tecnovita: la tecnologia che nutre il talento, a special event with free admission organized in Rome in association with Technotown, a technological-scientific rec centre under the Person, School and Solidarity Community Department managed by Zètema Progetto Cultura. The initiative encouraged children and teenagers (and their parents) to learn new programming languages, build robots or create digital animations. The activities included a workshop on digital journalism arranged by Focus Junior, to experience journalism as a profession in the digital age, from structuring articles to choosing photos, from search engines to the importance of teamwork, and feel impassioned by writing and digital communication. A total of 933 youngsters took part in the 44 different workshops.