Since 2010, we have supported the Greenpeace initiative launched to encourage companies from the Italian pulp and paper sector to protect primary forests from destruction. In particular, we have been committed to defining a process to progressively increase our percentage of “friend of forests” paper over time.
In this respect, the 2010-2018 data testify to our commitment to progressively increasing the sustainability of all of our publishing houses.

Paper mills

As the result of a procurement policy, since 2014 the acquisition of paper was managed directly by Mondadori. This enabled the Group to consolidate its commitment to streamlining the amount of paper used to print its products and to exert greater control over the supplier selection process in order to ensure that supplier practices are consistent with the Group’s sustainability principles. Indeed, the criteria for the selection of suppliers require that paper is certified according to the two main schemes used worldwide, FSC and PEFC.

Paper consumption

In 2018, the total consumption of paper used for the printing of editorial products in the scope of continuing operations (Italy and the USA) amounted to 70,616 tonnes (-9.5% versus 2017). Leveraging on the strategy of purchasing goods and services that started in 2014, Mondadori has strengthened its commitment to rationalizing the use of paper in the printing of its products, and to have greater control over the supplier selection process, to ensure that their work is consistent with the sustainability principles of the Group. Supplier selection criteria requires that paper is certified by the FSC or PEFC, the two main certification schemes adopted worldwide, in order to progressively raise the percentage of certified paper used over time.


In the three-year period, the breakdown by type of paper shows a clear change in figures, with a strong decrease in the use of traditional paper (0.02% of the total versus 2.1% last year) in favour of certified paper (99.94% of the total versus 97.9% last year).

Paper consumption - Italy (tonnes)

Certified paper 67,325 99.94%73,57397.9%76.48596.8%
Recycled paper 32 0.05%370.0%460.1%
Traditional paper 11 0.02%1,5782.1%2,5163.2%

In France, the Eco-contribution tax on entities that release at least 5 tonnes of paper on the market per year, designed to encourage the sustainable use of the resource, is an additional incentive for the collection and recycling of waste paper. The proportional basis of the tax has led publishers such as Mondadori France to purchase more paper from paper mills located near printing operations, to use paper containing at least 25% recycled fibre, and to implement strategies to promote recycling.

As a practical expression of its commitment to reducing the environmental impacts associated with paper consumption, Mondadori France has developed closer relations with PEFC-, FSC- and ISO 14001-certified printers and PEFC- and FSC- certified paper mills in Europe (mainly in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France). Moreover, in 2011 Mondadori France itself attained PEFC certification, for which it is audited annually by an external body to assure compliance with the relative standards.

Paper consumption - France (tonnes)

Recycled Certified Paper ¹ 7,349 20%6,53216%14,15831%
Classic Certified Paper 29,665 80%35,44484%31,68169%

1 This category includes all certified paper, not traditional paper, containing any percentage of recycled paper