Our environmental policy outlines our commitment to achieving objectives to reduce environmental impact. It serves as the reference framework for the company’s strategy and its environment-related activities.

Our environmental policy was drawn up in the following stages:

  • analysis of the requests received from our stakeholders;
  • analysis of the material aspects of Mondadori’s environmental issues;
  • the setting of Mondadori’s vision and objectives regarding environmental protection;
  • the drafting of the formal document by the Sustainability Committee.

The environmental policy illustrates our vision and sets out the objectives we have given ourselves for reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Our intention is to predict future developments so that we can establish ourselves, in the medium term, as a benchmark in the media sector as regards the management of environmental issues, going beyond compliance with current regulations.

Our Sustainability Committee, which includes representatives from the main corporate functions, is responsible for the Group’s environmental strategy. Identifying potential areas of improvement, it formulates strategic guidelines for implementing this policy.

Specifically, our future commitments may be summarised as follows:

  • to cut energy use by, among other things, improving energy efficiency and reviewing business travel management policies;
  • to promote the responsible use of natural resources by providing incentives for the use of environmentally-friendly materials, e.g. using certified paper for printing our products;
  • to improve the management of waste, whether originating from our sites or from product distribution activities;
  • to influence our suppliers by using environmental sustainability criteria in the selection and management process so as to guide the chosen suppliers to act according to this environmental policy;
  • to raise awareness of environmental issues among our customers, using our products themselves as a way of promoting sustainability.

Our joint commitment to the five aims set out above is part of a broader vision related to the fight against climate change, which we believe to be a key aspect of our environmental strategy.

We are aware that the involvement of our employees is critical to us improving the Group’s environmental performance. It is therefore in our interests to promote responsible behaviour within the company through communication and dialogue.

Our environmental policy is part of our broader sustainability management strategy, the details of which are communicated, both internally and externally, by drawing up and publishing the annual Group Sustainability Report, as well as via the company intranet and website. We are committed to disseminating and communicating this environmental policy to our stakeholders, particularly employees, customers and suppliers, and to ensuring that the Group’s policy, strategy and objectives regarding environmental and sustainability issues are regularly reviewed and updated.