To define contributions to the community, from 2012 onwards, Mondadori is following the formulation of the London Benchmarking Group, in order to clarify the forms of support provided and their impact.

In 2018 we donated a total of €388,000 and provided almost €77,000 in sponsorships to support cultural activities.

Contribution to the community 2018

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Start of the experimentation of smart workingThe test phase involves more than 30 employees who until December 2019 will be able to work from 2 to 4 days a month in places other than their respective places of work 
Workplace safety and prevention planIn 2017 the Group prevention and protection service was restructured. While the centralised coordination of the service was maintained, its structure was reviewed to prioritise a local site supervision approach, with references grouped according to geographical distribution. The list of employers and all the officers, whether designated or elected, involved in protecting occupational health and safety in the Mondadori Group is updated on a regular basis. The list can be viewed on the company intranet portal “Network” under the Prevention and Safety” section, where Group personnel can keep up to date on procedures and learn more about how to protect health and safety in the workplace.
Although not required by law, a Group safety coordination unit has been established to oversee and coordinate all the people involved in protecting the health and safety of workers, provide guidelines for implementing statutory requirements, monitor planning, and conduct the following activities: meeting, on-site inspections, evacuation drills.
Drafting of a policy for the evaluation and selection of various social partnership initiativesMonitoring of community-support initiatives and auditing in order to permit the proper performance of activities require an internal regulatory framework and/or the appropriate tools in order to avoid dispersion of resources 
Stakeholder involvement initiatives throughout the entire yearIn addition to the planned and regular stakeholder engagement activities, there is a need to involve individual stakeholders or groups in specific events or projects