We believe in a corporate culture capable of including every “diversity” – gender, educational, generational – as a decisive factor to promote innovation and development of the Group.

The Diversity & Inclusion training program, conceived at the end of 2019 and dedicated to diversity management, was born with this objective. In its first edition, developed in 2020 in distance learning mode, the course is dedicated to women middle managers of the company to bring out distinctive traits and potential of female leadership.

Attention to the various issues related to the concept of diversity within the Mondadori Group is increasing, as shown, for example, by the growth in the number of women in governance bodies over the three years.

This translates into careful monitoring of any episodes of discrimination, the search for ever greater gender equality and the enhancement of diversity – of any diversity – as a potential enrichment and renewal of the company.

Female presence on the Board of Directors

 36% 64% 14 36% 64% 14 36% 64% 14

The publishing sector in Italy is historically characterized by a strong female presence in general terms of workforce. To this data, however, it is not always flanked by a real gender equality in top positions.

We are striving to improve and this is precisely why we wanted to dedicate the first edition of the Diversity & Inclusion program to women’s empowerment.

Workforce according to level and gender

2020% of totalof which womenof which men
Middle managers14%55%45%
Office workers71%66%34%

Female presence among the heads of titles