Strategic repositioning

The 2018 results represent the positive completion of the strategic path undertaken in the last five years. A transformation that is both necessary and surprising, which has made the Mondadori Group a compact publishing company, focused on the most profitable activities in the media sector and open to new development projects for the future.

It is a new starting point that sees us as solid from an economic and financial point of view, ready to intercept growth sectors adjacent to our core businesses but also attentive to opportunities in broader perspectives.

The innovations that we introduced between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 are certainly an essential basis for tackling the coming years, but they are only the first phase of the new strategic itinerary that will guide the future of the Mondadori Group.



The three-year period 2019-2021 will be dedicated to strengthening the Mondadori Group in the markets in which it operates, to improving the performance of its core businesses and to tackling the challenges linked to the new phase of growth of the company.

With regard to the book business, which operates in a stable market in Italy, the strengthening of the business should be based on its distinctive positioning, on the potential offered by the Group’s synergistic retail activities, also through the expansion of the franchising channel, and, where possible, on growth opportunities also through acquisitions.

The magazine business, on the other hand, in view of the continuing decline in the markets in which we operate, will have to focus on the development of digital in strategic areas, on the quality of content and brands, on the optimisation of operating processes, in particular on the structural reduction of costs.