The Shareholders’ Meeting of Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., held on 27 April 2017, approved amendment to art. 7 of the Company’s by-laws introducing so-called increased voting rights, that allow each share to enjoy up to a maximum of two votes, in order to promote a long-term investment approach and providing shareholders who hold a stable interest in the group’s share capital of a greater weight in its decisions.

The principle of increased voting rights was introduced in Italy by art. 20 of Law Decree 91/2014, converted with amendments into Law no. 116/2014. Legislation concerning this principle is provided in art. 127-quinquies of the TUF and regulations issued by Consob with resolution no. 19084 of 19 December 2014, that implemented the new legislation and amended the Issuer Regulations consequently.

Increased voting rights will be enjoyed by shares held by a single shareholder for at least 24 months and must be obtained by requesting the registration in a special list.