The shareholders’ meeting of 27 April 2010, following the proposal by the Board of Statutory Auditors, appointed Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. for the nine-year period 2010/2018, to audit the separate and consolidated financial statements and to conduct a limited audit of the consolidated semi-annual results.

The following table, drawn up pursuant to Art. 149-duocecies of the Consob Issuers’ Regulations, highlights the fees paid in 2018 for auditing and for other services provided by Deloitte & Touche S.p.A., as well as by other companies belonging to its network.

ServiceEntity providing the serviceBeneficiary of the serviceAmount euro/000
AuditingDeloitte & Touche S.p.A.Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A.410.4
AuditingDeloitte & Touche S.p.A.Subsidiaries582.2
AuditingOther network companiesSubsidiaries241.7
CertificationDeloitte & Touche S.p.A.Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. ¹98.7
CertificationDeloitte & Touche S.p.A.Subsidiaries ²13.6
CertificationOther network companiesSubsidiaries ³5.0
Other servicesOther network companiesSubsidiaries 440.0

¹ Accertamento Diffusione Stampa (circulation auditing), auditing of the Company financial statements, consolidated non-financial statement, tax returns and report drafted pursuant to article 2441 of the Italian Civil Code
² Audits for underwriting of tax returns
³ Auditing procedure for the obtaining of subsidized postal tariffs (CPAPP)
4 Due diligence