Carlo Mandelli

General Manager - Magazines Italy

Carlo Mandelli, management

Carlo Mandelli has been General Manager of Magazines Italy at the Mondadori Group since November 2012. Since July 2013, he has also been Chairman and CEO of Mondadori International Business S.r.l., and Chairman of Direct Channel S.p.A. since January 2017. Mandelli has also been Chairman of Press-di Distribuzione e stampa S.r.l. since April 2015.

In November 2019 he has been appointed Chairman of FIPP – Connecting Global Media. He has been President of the Large-Scale Magazines Division of FIEG (Federazione italiani editori giornali, the Italian newspaper and magazine publishers association) since July 2018. From May 2016 to December 2018 he was Chairman of ADS (Accertamenti Diffusione Stampa, the Italian association that supplies statistics about circulation of newspapers and magazines).

Born in Milan in 1964, Carlo Mandelli joins the Mondadori Group in 1990, where he acquires extensive experience in the magazine and internet activities sector.