Our continuous training system, the Mondadori Academy, is a versatile model that identifies the key figures in each business unit and, through on-going skills monitoring, aims to provide the necessary knowledge to plug the training gaps identified. The range of courses available is constantly expanded to address the company’s development needs and emerging issues in our sector.

Ad hoc training

Ad hoc training consists of a series of specific initiatives capable of supporting the company’s new internal needs, in line with individual strategic targets and tracks. Specifically, this includes tracks aimed at strengthening leadership and negotiation skills, raising awareness around digital publishing topics and writing techniques for new media, as well as creating ad hoc tracks for the web marketing and social media sectors.

In terms of its methodology, ad hoc training is increasingly combining traditional classroom teaching methods with progressive and multimedia forms of learning that favour action learning and learning by doing, which test participants’ skills and acquired knowledge as they work.

The introduction of mentor figures, especially in terms of technological and digital innovation, contributes to involving management in the training process, keeping it focussed on company goals.

Language courses and training on safety in the workplace

In addition to ad hoc training, we also offer foreign language courses and obligatory training on worker health and safety, both in classroom and e-learning settings.


Training hours delivered – Italy
Ad hoc training5,0577,8587,500
Language training6002,3801,320
Safety training2,3612,1181,971
Total hours of training delivered10,791
% of which to women na
% of which to men na

Training hours delivered – France
Ad hoc training hours4,9346,6445,669
Language training hours1,28324696
Safety training hours315914175
Total hours of training provided5,940
% hours provided to women68%
% hours provided to men32%