In the following table, stakeholders’ engagement plan in 2015.

Stakeholder Corporate function Frequency Expectations Tools Answer
Financial community Investor Relations
Legal and corporate affairs
5 (at the headquarters)
6 (in Italy and abroad)
Group’s increased visibility
Value creation
Shareholders’ meeting
Conference call
Analysts’ meeting
Shareholders’ Meeting minutes
Suppliers Procurement Meetings Provisions Questionnaire Database
Franchisees Mondadori Retail 2 Direct comparison with objectives network reinforcement Roadshows
Advertising investors Market research 1 Measuring satisfaction with women’s magazines Interviews Repositioning of the TuStyle magazine
Unions Group Human Resources 1 (at European level) Information on Group progress and goals EWC
Several meetings (Italy) Definition and management of reorganisation plans Negotiations
Employees Communication and media relations at least once a week Inform about Group and market news and events Intranet, email, social media
Mondadori Retail 12
Inform about company news and events Newsletters
House organ
Books audience Trade Books
Mondadori Electa
3,934 presentations and events Interaction with authors Bookshop presentations
Foreign author tours
Participation in literary festivals
Magazine audience Market research 25 questionnaires with CAWI method Greater understanding of tastes and habits of the public Market research Presentation of results to magazine marketing and advertising
Customers Mondadori Retail 1 Sharing values Surveys Set of values