Staff engagement at Mondadori Retail

In 2016 there were two initiatives organised by Mondadori Retail for employees in the owned stores.

The first, Store days, conceived of to reduce the distance between the head office and store staff, envisaged the direct involvement of retail store management, who worked alongside employees in the store for the day. Store days opened up new channels of communication between the head office and stores, and created the opportunity to share areas for improvement in the day-to-day management of store activities.

This initiative, conducted over a 10-day period, involved the 30 owned stores and 10 representatives from the company management, allowing for the development of a shared decision-making process and the identification of solutions to meet employees’ actual needs. At the end of each day, a brief presentation was given on the company’s performance, followed by a Q&A and a pleasant dinner.

The second initiative was the Oscar dei valori: a competition for direct network stores. In 2016, the store employees were asked to submit the actions of colleagues who epitomised one of the eight values representing Mondadori Retail each month (transparency and consistency, quality and excellence, respect and consideration of everyone, the importance of the customer, fairness and merit, passion and fun, innovation and courage, team spirit). The content of the actions highlighted was then analysed, so as to identify the most significant behaviours and nominate three employees per month for the Oscar. Once the nominations were gathered, at the end of the year an audience consisting of all employees voted for the 8 Oscar dei valori winners.