Staff engagement at Mondadori Retail

Following the business climate survey carried out in 2014 among staff at Mondolibri directly managed stores and sales offices, in 2015 Mondadori Retail focused on improving communications and the level of participation within the organisation.

For this reason, as part of the Master’s course for the middle management, an engagement project was promoted in 2015 which involved the Retail front line with the aim of introducing codes of conduct and values that better represent the company identity and which can be communicated and understood internally.

To meet this goal, the managers involved carried out individual surveys, involving a total of around 300 employees (and a similar number of reps, suppliers and customers), whose contributions helped shaped the line of thought and generated the 8 representative values of Mondadori Retail:

  • transparency and consistency;
  • quality and excellence;
  • respect and consideration of everyone;
  • the importance of the customer;
  • fairness and merit;
  • passion and fun
  • innovation and courage
  • team spirit.