Employee health and safety in the workplace have always been key priorities for us. We fulfil all the periodic obligations envisaged by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, focusing in particular on periodic safety meetings, office evacuation drills, fire marshal and first aider training and inspections of working environments in the presence of competent physicians selected by each company.

The risk assessment documents for each individual subsidiary and/or operating unit have been duly updated to include new aspects that have arisen during the year.

Since 2014, the Mondadori Group has used an IT system that manages health and safety in the workplace. This software monitors and manages all aspects relating to staff training, the management of employee health cards and the planning of visits for employees subject to health monitoring (by the appointed competent physicians), and also monitors compliance with the applicable laws.

In 2015, thanks to the IT system for the management of health and safety in the workplace, a new methodology was established for identifying employees exposed to specific risks and planning the relevant mandatory medical check-ups. The software, which is regularly updated, is used to comply with workplace safety and hygiene regulations; it also makes it possible to monitor and manage aspects related to staff training and the internal Supervisory Body to monitor the company’s compliance with regulations.
In terms of training, 2015 saw the continuation of the scheduling (launched in 2013 for all workers) and the management, via e-learning, of the “general and specific part” of the mandatory safety training for all new Mondadori employees. This method was made possible thanks to the validation of a trial project presented to the relevant Local Health Authority.
Thanks to this chosen method, which in 2013-2014 made it possible to provide almost all employees with the mandatory training, in 2015 over 400 courses were held for new hires for the general and specific part pertaining to safety, for retail outlet supervisors, for managers of the prevention and protection service (RSPP) and for workers’ safety representatives (RSL) for their respective updating sessions.

Training on safety in the workplace (hours)

2015 e-learning classroom Total
Training to executives 24 24
Training to middle managers 44 12 56
Training to office workers 600 946 1,546
Training to journalists 20 9 29
Training to workers 316 316
Total training hours on safety & security 1,971
% of total training hours provided 18%

In 2015: (hours) women 51% – men 49%; (participants) women 52% – men 48%

In 2011, the PADL (Punto di Ascolto sul Disagio Lavorativo) was set up. This is an email address that staff can use to report incidences of work-related stress. The Internal Audit Department responds directly to the reports it receives after consulting the Legal Office and the head of personnel. After receiving a report, an initial analysis of the case is carried out followed by a preliminary investigation. There has been only one case since 2011 (in 2012).

Accidents in the workplace

Type Women Men Total
Work-related accidents 6 4 10
Commuting accidents 13 3 16
Total accidents 26
Accident rate 1.13