A dynamic training programme, focused on quality and that can be tweaked to bridge any gaps between expertise acquired and the skills necessary to meet the company’s development requirements, underpinned the courses provided to Mondadori Group employees in Italy in 2017.

The programme involves the regular updating of content with an increasingly business-oriented focus.

Applied in 2017 to the Magazine and Retail areas, the Mondadori Academy is a versatile model that identifies the key figures in each business unit and, through permanent skills monitoring, aims to provide the necessary knowledge to plug any training gaps identified. The skills mapping system, originally adopted for journalists, will progressively replace the former assessment system in place for performance management.

The range of courses available is constantly expanded and rendered compatible with the preferences of employees and emerging issues in our sector with digital training courses offered alongside language and development courses for managerial and technical skills.

The Journalists Academy was run for a second time in 2017, designed to keep abreast of changes in the profession and in the publishing sector through a tailor-made programme of business-oriented training courses to support the professional growth of journalists.

The renewed training programme included fourteen courses from the previous year and an additional twelve new courses, thereby expanding the range of training opportunities while ensuring continuity in skills development plans.

New Journalist Academy features introduced in 2017 included an earlier start to the calendar of courses, a more streamlined approval cycle, and the implementation of a new online platform for the training offer, registrations, and course management.

Academy courses attracted a higher number of registrations in 2017 compared to the previous year, with 79% of staff signing up (76% in 2016). A total of 53 courses, amounting to 4,893 hours of training, were delivered to a total of 185 journalists.

The constant monitoring and review process carried out by the Academy Board makes it possible to systematically reformulate the content of the training courses.

Organisational initiatives pursued by Mondadori Retail saw the successful completion of the second Master in Book Retail Management project, run in partnership once again with the University of Parma. The objective of the project is to promote the development of managerial and process management skills in the Mondadori Retail sector, broadening knowledge held in the sector and providing management tools to develop professional expertise.

In 2017, a Retail Academy was launched to support the development of the franchising network, with two pilot courses run in September 2017.

Other initiatives for the Retail area included Welcome Day@Mondadori, an event dedicated to 50 new franchisees to help fast-track their integration into the network.

Alongside the Academy training plan, other courses focused on language training and workplace safety, delivered both in classroom and e-learning format.


Training hours delivered – Italy
Ad hoc training5,0577,8587,500
Language training6002,3801,320
Safety training2,3612,1181,971
Total hours of training delivered10,791
% of which to women na
% of which to men na

Training hours delivered – France
Ad hoc training hours4,9346,6445,669
Language training hours1,28324696
Safety training hours315914175
Total hours of training provided5,940
% hours provided to women68%
% hours provided to men32%

Training programmes at Mondadori France are organised into three groups (ad hoc professional, language, and workplace safety), with plans lasting two or three years. Specifically, ad hoc professional training focused on topics such as team work in marketing (end 2016–2017), digital advertising space sales techniques (for agency employees, 2015–2017), SEO strategies (for editorial board staff, digital marketing and developers, 2016–2017), optimising the use of social networks (for editorial board staff, editorial marketing and publishers, 2016–2017), and techniques for creating and editing videos by smartphone (for editorial board staff, 2017). An English and Italian language training programme was launched at the end of 2016.


Training on safety in the workplace (hours)

Training to executives2020
Training to middle managers653398
Training to office workers4701,0141,484
Training to journalists44
Training to workers3509512
Total training hours on safety & security2,118
% of total training hours provided17%

In 2016: (hours) women 47% – men 53%; (participants) women 50% – men 50%