On the basis of the Performance Management and Journalist Mapping results it is possible to constantly update the training plan, bringing it more into line with the company’s continuous evolution needs and the characteristics and aspirations of the workforce.

Through a thorough and in-depth dialogue with contact persons in the different business areas to find out the needs and demands within the various structures and businesses, a tailor-made training offer was developed to reflect the Group’s objectives and growth strategies.

Training is organised into ad hoc and language training courses, in addition to worker health and safety training courses.


Training – Italy
Ad hoc training hours3,2687,5007,858
Language training hours6,1301,3202,380
Safety training hours8,6401,9712,118
Total hours of training provided12,356
N.B.: figures could includes estimates

Training – France
Type (hours)201420152016Type (partecipants)201420152016
Ad hoc training hours8,5435,6696,644Ad hoc training739610568
Language training hours55896246Language training6317
Safety training hours508175914Safety training4311135
Total hours of training provided7,804Total partecipants720
% hours provided to women69%% hours partecipants women67%
% hours provided to men31%% hours partecipants men33%
Training by level and gender (Hours/Employee) – France201420152016
Women (Total)10,8
Men (Total)7,9

Ad hoc training

This is a system of specific initiatives capable of supporting the new internal requirements of the company, in line with individual targets and specific strategic objectives. More specifically, this training aims to strengthen leadership and negotiation skills, raise awareness of digital publishing issues and create ad hoc courses in the web marketing and social media areas. This trend is closely connected with the need to continuously enhance management and business skills, and supports the integration of the various areas in the Group through an across-the-board approach.

Applied in 2016 to the magazine and retail areas, the Mondadori Academy is a versatile model that identifies the key figures in each business unit and, through permanent skills monitoring, aims to provide the necessary knowledge to plug the training gaps identified. The range of courses available is constantly expanded and rendered compatible with the preferences of employees and emerging issues in our sector with digital training courses joined by language and skills development courses. Within the next two years the process should also be extended for the trade books and educational areas.

In 2016 Mondadori Retail concluded, with very positive results and quality output, the Master’s in Book Retail Management held on Parma University Campus, launched in February 2015 and dedicated to the middle management, demonstrating the high levels of motivation and satisfaction of participants. Off the back of these results, in 2017 Mondadori Retail plans to organise a second cycle of training for the middle management and to introduce the first Master’s dedicated to franchisees, again in collaboration with Parma University.

2016 also saw the completion of the training provided to store staff on Back to basics sales techniques. Structured into several modules and designed to fine-tune the skills of store staff, it focused closely on the importance of the customer and entailed diversified in-depth phases according to role (staff, department heads, store managers) and objective.

Language courses

Mondadori provides foreign language courses for its employees; the number of hours provided for these courses has fallen sharply following the decision to focus training on production and business needs, and the consequent review of training investments.

Training on safety in the workplace

In 2016 the Mondadori Group configured a computer system for the management of health and safety in the workplace in order to identify workers exposed to risks and plan the relative mandatory medical check-ups: the software, continuously updated, is used to comply with workplace hygiene and safety regulations and also makes it possible to monitor and manage aspects relating to staff training. Again using software, the internal Supervisory body can constantly monitor the company’s respect for safety regulations.

In terms of training, 2016 saw the continuation of the planning (launched in 2013 for all workers) and the management, via e-learning, of the “general and specific part” of the mandatory safety training for all new Mondadori Group employees. This chosen method was possible thanks to the validation of a trial project presented at the relevant Local Health Authority.

Thanks to this course, in 2016 over 300 e-learning courses were held for new hires for the general and specific part pertaining to safety, for store supervisors, managers of the prevention and protection service and workers’ safety representatives for their respective updating sessions.


Training on safety in the workplace (hours)

Training to executives2020
Training to middle managers653398
Training to office workers4701,0141,484
Training to journalists44
Training to workers3509512
Total training hours on safety & security2,118
% of total training hours provided17%

In 2016: (hours) women 47% – men 53%; (participants) women 50% – men 50%