At 31 December 2015 the consolidated Italian companies had 2,200 employees.

The following tables show the percentage breakdown of the workforce according to gender, age, area of activity and qualification.

Workforce by age

2015of which womenof which men
Less than 30 years2%73%27%
from 30 to 50 years70%62%38%
over 50 years28%57%43%

Workforce according to business

2015% sul totaleof which womenof which men

All Mondadori employees are covered by three types of collective labour agreements: graphics-publishing, journalist and sales contracts.

Collective labour agreements

2015% of totalof which womenof which men
Graphics publishing¹63%60%40%

¹ including Industry executives

Over 99% of employee contracts area permanent.

Permanent and temporary contracts

2015% of totalof which womenof which men
Permanent ¹99.7%61%49%

¹ including apprentice contracts

13% of employees work part-time, the majority of whom women.

Full time and part-time

2015% of totalof which womenof which men
Full Time87%57%43%
Part Time13%86%14%

Almost 5% of employees enjoyed parental leave (a right granted to all employees, regardless of contract type), the majority of whom women (97%).

Parental leave

Employees with a right to parental leave ¹8571,3432,200
Employees who have enjoyed parental leave398101
Employees gone back to work after parental leave39598
% of Employees returning to work and retention after parental leave100%97%97%

¹ the headcounts at 31 December 2015 are reported to ensure consistency with the other tables in the chapter; it should be underlined that, as regards the employees that took parental leave, the total number includes those not covered by the end-of-year headcounts because of terminations/resignations