Mondadori’s focus on its employees is also translated into the provision of benefits, services and activities for employees, both at and outside work, some of which were introduced following proposals from the staff themselves. The main ones are listed below; they can be used by each and every staff member, independently of their contract type, with the sole exception of supplementary healthcare benefits.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours, in terms of entering and leaving times, are permitted by Mondadori. The company also tries to meet employee needs by adopting flexible part-time contracts. In 2015, 289 employees worked part time.

Shuttle service

The shuttle service connects the Segrate offices with strategic locations in Milan in order to accommodate as many passengers as possible coming from various city districts and suburban areas around Milan, in connection with public transportation (ATM network, railways): Lambrate railway and line 2 underground station, Rogoredo line 3 underground stop and railway station, Segrate light railway station, and Linate airport.

For this reason, in addition to Mondadori’s agreement with ATM for the purchase of annual season tickets at reduced prices for its employees and members of staff to be used on the urban and suburban transport network of the entire SITAM (Sistema Integrato Tariffario dell’Area Milanese – Integrated Tariff System of the Milan Metropolitan Area) area, the company also signed an agreement with Trenord to offer discounted railway season tickets (Passante light railways and regional railway lines).

The company buses are reserved for employees, members of staff, suppliers and guests of the company. Every ticket has a symbolic cost of euro 0.03 for employees and members of staff, while occasional visitors travel free of charge.

Supplementary health insurance coverage

The supplementary health insurance coverage is a benefit offered as an option to employees (of Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. and Mondadori Pubblicità, with the exclusion of executive managers), who have completed their trial period, and against payment of a monthly contribution: the supplementary health and social fund (FISS) partially covers some expenses and also makes other contributions in particular situations. Coverage can also be extended to family members.

The Mondadori France supplementary health insurance plan includes the children of employees free of charge. Against the payment of a voluntary contribution it is also possible to include spouses (for full-time and part-time employees).

Health service

The personnel operating in the Milan area can make use of a health service provided in the company offices, including blood tests, medical check-ups, pap tests and eye tests. In partnership with Avis, Mondadori has organised two blood donor days every year since 2006 at an Avis station at the Segrate offices; the following table shows the data concerning the healthcare service (excluding those of the two Avis blood donor days).

Employees and contract workers at the Mondadori France head office also have a nursing and social welfare service. In 2016 a “wellbeing campaign” was launched with the activation of numerous workshops.

Tax assistance

In the last few years, a tax assistance service has been made available to employees for the filling out of their annual tax returns.

Subsidised products and commercial agreements

As well as the company bookshop at the Segrate site, where it is possible to buy books and DVDs with discounts of between 30% and 50%, Mondadori employees can also take advantage of discounts in the Group bookshops, on the e-commerce site and on magazine subscriptions.

There are also various discount agreements in place for the purchase of products and services: the updated list is published on the company intranet.

Company social club

The Cral Mondadori social club is a not-for-profit association set up by the parent company in accordance with art. 18 of the Italian Constitution, art. 36 – 37 – 38 of the Civil Code and art. 11 of the Statute of Workers’ Rights.

All employees, former employees and their families can be members of Cral Mondadori. At 31 December 2016 the club had 460 members, as certified by FITeL (the Italian Leisure Time Federation).

As established by the articles of association (regularly registered at the Milan Inland Revenue Agency), the association is democratically managed through the Management Board.

As well as its traditional activities, in 2016 Cral Mondadori was also involved in a number of social initiatives, such as: the purchase of culinary products from companies in the areas affected by the earthquake; support for the CELIM Association, contributing to the distribution of humanitarian kits for a number of Syrian families resident in the refugee camps of Dbayeh in Lebanon; hosting social cooperative Opera in fiore, promoter of artisan workshops in prisons.