We are a publishing house with more than 100 years of history. We have always carried out our publishing work with passion, an ability to champion new tastes and trends, and a strong desire to innovate.

Throughout its life, Mondadori has been a place of opportunities for reading and development, entertainment and enrichment; an open, welcoming and informal home with room for everyone; a home that embraces many different approaches to culture, without discrimination or prejudice.

Our constant attention to stakeholders began before the concept of sustainability existed: the strong bond between the publishing house and its authors and readers, employees and partners, shareholders, suppliers and civil society has guided our journey and driven the Group’s development.

We therefore feel we have a duty to take responsibility not only for our financial results but also for the social and environmental impacts of our business activities.


Letter to stakeholders 2016

Lots of sacrifices have been made to get to where we are today. We have stopped using the downturn in the sector as a handy excuse. Embracing change and striving for efficiency have become our modus operandi, this thanks to the deep-rooted expertise within the company but also the new elements that have become part of the Group during the year: our new colleagues from Rizzoli Libri and Banzai Media.

Our partnership with Rizzoli Libri has seen two great lynchpins of Italian publishing join forces to enhance and promote their respective identities and differences: this acquisition has enabled us to strengthen our presence in all sectors of the book market and to exploit new potential.

The arrival of the brands and know-how of Banzai Media is a move that focuses on the future of our magazines with the aim of successfully integrating digital technology with our tradition of excellence in the creation of content for magazines.

We have therefore entered a new phase of our over 100-year history, an era in which the creation of economic value will continue to go hand-in-hand with our focus on all our stakeholders and their requirements, in which the development of new products and services will not compromise the quality of the content but, on the contrary, further enhance it; in this new chapter of our history we want to make sure that all of our stakeholders – in Italy, France and all the other countries in which we are present, now or in the future – feel engaged, represented and enriched thanks to the products we will be able to offer them on a daily basis.