We are a publishing house with more than 100 years of history. We have always carried out our publishing work with passion, an ability to champion new tastes and trends, and a strong desire to innovate.

Throughout its life, Mondadori has been a place of opportunities for reading and development, entertainment and enrichment; an open, welcoming and informal home with room for everyone; a home that embraces many different approaches to culture, without discrimination or prejudice.

Our constant attention to stakeholders began before the concept of sustainability existed: the strong bond between the publishing house and its authors and readers, employees and partners, shareholders, suppliers and civil society has guided our journey and driven the Group’s development.

We therefore feel we have a duty to take responsibility not only for our financial results but also for the social and environmental impacts of our business activities.


Letter to stakeholders 2015

Great ferment and marked changes made 2015 a watershed year in the evolution of the company.

These months saw the strong consolidation of our economic and financial position, an achievement that made it possible to launch a new development and growth phase during the year focused on our activities in the Group’s traditional areas of excellence: books – trade and educational – with the network of physical and online bookshops, and magazines.

The economic strengthening of the company was, and will continue to be, the essential requisite of the company’s responsible actions because all of the care and attention we pay our stakeholders is connected with this. With sounder accounts comes a greater ability to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, with the creation of economic but also social and cultural value.

Without sacrificing tradition – on the contrary, reaffirming and giving it new life – we have laid the basis for the next phase of development with the goal of contributing, through the growth of the company, to the general wellbeing of Italy.

From novels and service websites to art exhibitions, information and entertainment magazines, multi-platform school texts and the products of our physical and online stores: all of our business areas, products and services stand out for their quality. And together with local communities, organisations and institutions we have created a network of initiatives around this content to make it more accessible, with more opportunities for meetings and discussion.

The year of the Expo was undoubtedly an inspiration and offered us the chance to put all of our energy into addressing a very important topic. But the desire to explore our minds, interests and ideas did not end with the conclusion of the International Exposition and continues to shape the way we approach the publishing business: dynamically, proactively and with an openness to innovation and change.

Our reflection on the role and obligations of a media company in today’s and tomorrow’s society also brought to light implications that are less obvious and predictable, but no less relevant, connected with the virtuous business created by our activities. In this Report we will outline a number of particularly representative case studies, Mondadori initiatives dedicated to the general public, or specific stakeholders, with the aim of encouraging new experiences, spreading ideas, and offering moments of enrichment and entertainment.

We believe this to be another of our roles: alongside the responsible and sustainable management of the company, in full respect of civil society and the environment, we want to contribute to strengthening Italy’s intangible yet extremely important heritage in the area of culture and beauty, and broaden the array of opportunities with which it is connected. Because we really feel that we also are a part of this heritage.