As a media company, we are aware that we have a great responsibility towards our readers and users. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that we provide accurate, meticulous and truthful information in our publishing products, including magazines, websites and digital media/products or books, while respecting the attitudes and sensitivity of the general public.

School books

In recent years, Mondadori Education, a Group company that operates in the educational segment, has directed its business strategy towards achieving a perfect balance between the quality of its products and economic sustainability. This has enabled it to achieve good economic and financial results and, at the same time, guarantee the quality of its products.

As a training body, accredited and qualified by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), for the training of school education staff (MIUR Decree of 15/07/2014, Prot. AOODPIT 595), Mondadori Education not only supplies books, but also a training and updating service on digital teaching and the techniques and technologies that can make teaching more effective. In response to requests by individual school or groups, the publishing house organises courses and seminars and supplies expert coaches to provide specific training. Thanks to its accreditation, teachers can request leave from their teaching activities in order to attend the training sessions, obtaining participation certificates that they can add to their CVs.