As a media company, we are aware that we have a great responsibility towards our readers and users. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that we provide accurate, meticulous and truthful information in our publishing products, including magazines, websites and digital media/products or books, while respecting the attitudes and sensitivity of the general public.

Media literacy

Our responsibility to create and distribute content to our public can also be seen in our media literacy activities, initiatives designed to get users more closely acquainted with communication media.

Among our Italian magazines, the various initiatives of the monthly kid’s magazine Focus Junior are an example. Now in its third run (due to end in 2018), the Diventa giornalista competition run by Focus Junior magazine is designed to introduce children and teenagers to the world of journalism in a fun and innovative yet accurate and exhaustive way. The project offers teachers a simple free handbook that guides pupils through the creation of their own school newspaper, with the help of digital instruments. Using the journalist kit, the kids have the chance to explore their interests and develop critical writing skills, supported, at all stages, by the guidelines provided. Once they have finished, all the little reporters then need to do is send the digital format to the magazine’s email address.

Over 700 schools took part in the first run (2015–16 school year) and over 1000 took part in the second (2016–17 school year), the topic of which was nature. The competition for the 2017–18 school year instead focuses on journalism in the digital age. Finally, since the January issue of the magazine for children aged 8–13, Focus Junior has published the section Junior Reporter News, a four-page “newspaper” presented in typical newspaper style, produced in collaboration with readers of the magazine. Young reporters are invited to write articles and reviews on topics connected with science, history, geography, travel, video games and movies, famous people, and personal experiences, complete with photos and drawings.

Although it has no media literacy programmes of its own, Mondadori France participates in educational initiatives for students, such as Semaine de la presse à l’école (press week at school), organised by CLEMI (Centre pour L’Education aux Media et à l’Information, an organisation linked to the French Ministry of Education), for which it provides teachers and classes with copies of its magazines. In addition, its popular science magazines are partners of the Fête de la science (festival of science) organised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. As media partner of the initiative, the magazine Science & Vie reports on festival events and its journalists take part in select events.