Privacy protection and the protection of personal data represent a relevant issue for any organisation.

In the performance of its activities, Mondadori has equipped itself with a series of tools, both at Group level and in terms of its individual companies, with specific procedures depending on the nature of the business, aimed at applying the law (Italian Leg. Decree no. 196/03, the ‘privacy law’) and the recommendations provided by the competent Communications Authority for the protection of personal data.

Privacy at Group level

At Group level, privacy protection is ensured by a procedure for all those who wish to access the Mondadori websites through registration.

At the end of 2010 a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department was established with the objective of developing an integrated contact management system with customers: a single structure in which customers of all business units are grouped together and IT processes are developed to reconcile customers belonging to different Group companies. The building of the Mondadori customer database was completed in October 2012.

This makes it possible to identify a Mondadori customer with the subscription owner of a Group magazine, an e-commerce buyer, a customer registered on the Mondadori loyalty programme, the Group’s e-learning platforms or an online community, and to collect a multitude of information from such data for use in targeted communication campaigns or special initiatives, while concurrently ensuring compliance with the indications provided by individual customers upon registration (or subsequent changes).

In 2015 two important changes in the privacy sphere, made in 2014 following the update of the Italian and European regulatory system, were fully implemented on all Group websites:

Cookie Policy

In the light of recent regulatory innovations with regard to cookies, including the Italian Data Protection Authority provision “Identification of simplified ways for the notice and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies” of 8 May 2014, the Mondadori Group has implemented a cookie usage system that fully complies with current regulations adopting, furthermore, a new version of the company Cookie Policy.

Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice and request for authorisation

In order to pursue a project that ensures continuous updates in the area of privacy, in the last year the Mondadori Group has updated its documents on the protection of personal data and, more specifically, the registration forms for Group sites and services have been updated with regard to the request for consent for the processing of data. Also modified were the Group Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy.