We interact constantly with our end customers through all of our communication channels: books, magazines, stores and book clubs, the internet (corporate website, product sites, service and e-commerce websites, social networks), and relationship marketing activities.

Monitoring the satisfaction of our customers takes place via various initiatives, the most significant of which in the retail area.

Since December 2014 online customer satisfaction has been measured using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) concept, which also aims to identify areas of the purchasing experience that can be improved. The certificate of the Netcomm consortium is published on the website bearing the average general score and the average scores in 6 categories (conformity, customer service, delivery times, discounts and promotions, simplicity, payment methods) as well as buyer reviews. This activity connected with the Mondadoristore.it e-commerce site is joined by two awards attesting to the satisfaction level among users: the 2015/16 Insegna award in the bookshops category and the Positive Business Award 2015, in the Positive Buying Experience category.

The “Insegna dell’Anno” prize, previously known as the “Retailer of the Year” award, is the most important customer research initiative in Italy. Developed in the Netherlands in 2003, it first came to Italy in 2008.

The award stems from the desire of customers to express their opinion on the performances of their favourite retailers. Those with the best product range in terms of price, variety and service, in the opinion of the customer, are honoured. The prize is awarded to the chain stores (divided according to product type) that achieve the highest score in what are regarded as the nine most important areas in the purchasing process. In 2014 and 2015 the Mondadori Retail chain of stores participated in the competition, winning the bookshops category.

The Positive Business Awards are presented by the non-academic Italian Scuola di Palo Alto business school in 22 different categories that recognise the positive culture of businesses and organisations in every area and field of application.