The wide range of content developed by Mondadori is distributed via various channels and methods of consumption: paper and eBooks, physical and online magazines, e-commerce and service websites, web applications.

The result is the development of multi-device content which can be accessed both online and offline, not only on PCs but also on mobile devices such as e-readers, tablets and smartphones.

The most structured application of this system of content creation is in the field of school books where, due to recent education legislation and the evolution of technology, products have become increasingly accessible in the last few years.

In 2015 Mondadori Education worked on the development of the digital textbook according to three guidelines: personalisation, verticalisation and sharing; alongside the MEbook two new types of digital textbook were released: the MEbook kids, conceived and designed for primary schools, and the MEbook eXtra, the native liquid digital textbook.

The MEbook is the easy to use, practical Mondadori Education digital textbook with lots of tools: you can add notes, crop parts of the pages and type text. From this year the MEbook comes complete with the Le Monnier il Devoto-Oli dictionary: users can simply click on any word in the text to get its meaning.

The MEbook can be accessed on all devices, computers, tablets or smartphones; it doesn’t require a permanent internet connection as it also functions offline; in addition, to facilitate usage on mobile devices, it also offers the possibility of downloading single chapters.

As regards accessibility, the concept of the “liquid book”, which enables text to adapt to various devices, has been strengthened in the MEbook, MEbook kids and MEbook eXtra. Thanks to the liquid book, a project first launched by Mondadori Education in 2014, the limitations of the fixed page layout have been overcome and the accessibility of the content improved to offer new ways of studying and reading. Designed to support inclusive teaching, with the liquid book it is possible to choose the font and alter the size of the characters. It is particularly popular with students with special learning requirements as it enables content to be read and accessed in the most suitable format and size for their device, also making it possible to choose a font that is easier to read.

The MEbook kids has simple and intuitive graphics designed to meet the needs of primary school children and teachers; a guide offers users useful tips on how to use the digital book and its tools, also indicating which exercises on the page are interactive. The MEbook kids is accessible and inclusive with images that can be enlarged at the click of mouse, pages that are zoomable up to 200%, easy-to-read type and the out-loud reading of the texts.

The MEbook eXtra is a next-generation digital book that supports students in their studies step by step and enables teachers to maximise the personalisation of content and lessons; it is also adaptable and easy to use on all devices. With this book, as well as supplementary digital content it is also possible to view conceptual maps and carry out semantic research on the text to discover relationships and connections between the various topics in the area. For effective collaborative teaching, the MEbook eXtra makes it possible to share notes and save them in the personal Notebook, which keeps track of all your activities. The study experience is also broadened thanks to the wide use of digital content and the image management functions.

Mondadori Education places great importance on the needs of differently-abled students. In compliance with the Governance Code of the educational publishing industry of AIE (Italian Association of Publishers), there are agreements with the Italian national associations involved in the reproduction of school texts for sightless or partially-sighted individuals (“Regina Margherita” Italian Library for the Blind, a non-profit organisation) and individuals with learning disorders (Digital Library of the Italian Dyslexia Association).

Mondadori Education also organises seminars across Italy and specific webinars on learning disabilities and special educational needs for teachers.