Educational publishing is being swept by the digital revolution. For our specialist imprints, that means creating products that would be unthinkable using traditional media, but it also entails making learning materials increasingly more accessible, in the firm belief that everyone should have access to the best tools for learning and teaching.

Mondadori Education encourages facilitated, inclusive and collaborative learning in all the titles in its catalogue through the select use of graphic layouts and specific methods to help students develop effective study methods and build their skills. To promote inclusive learning, eight training seminars were organised in 2017 for teachers, exploring the topic of Choosing inclusiveness as the vanguard of new schooling. Events like these are motivated by the firm belief that all pupils have their own special learning needs – be it for physical, biological or physiological reasons or psychological or social reasons – for which schools need to offer suitable, personalised solutions. Professor Gabriele Zanardi, psychologist, therapist, neuropsychologist, and editorial consultant for Mondadori Education, organised a modular training programme, which each group of teachers could personalize by choosing from the four training modules: Specific learning disorders and special learning needs, Metacognitive empowerment and strategies, Facilitation, simplification and testing and Flip, divergent thinking and cognitive styles. Each topic involved three levels of depth: a first level of front-line lessons; a second level involving focus groups, working groups, and classroom simulations (to directly test the application methods); and a third level involving simulations and single case reports.

Finally, the digital offerings of the two educational arms of the Mondadori Group were combined to create HUB Scuola, a digital learning platform launched in September 2017, which brings together into the one environment the products and tools of the two publishers. Easy to use, free-of-charge and innovative, HUB Scuola is designed to meet the need for more collaborative, digital and inclusive learning in schools. It is the richest digital learning platform in Italy, featuring authored content, innovative services, and next-generation features to expand teaching programmes and encourage a more stimulating, multimedia learning experience. A single password is all it takes to unlock the digital offering of the two publishers: users can enter either their Mondadori Education credentials or their Rizzoli Education credentials to login and access all their books and digital content.

HUB Scuola brings together the most advanced digital tools and the best of the educational offering of the two publishers in a single digital environment, which has been optimized as a whole for use on any device. HUB Scuola integrates and facilitates traditional learning, supporting and empowering innovation in schools. HUB Scuola offers free-of-charge digital features and services designed to be adapted to the needs of students and teachers, from the more analogical minded to the boldest experimenters.

HUB Scuola enables digital objects to be shared and multimedia content on the Web to be aggregated. Countless resources and lots of tools, all in the one place: videos, audio recordings, media galleries, conceptual maps, interactive and self-corrected tests, a complete virtual map which can be shared, and certified interdisciplinary content. All the tools are designed to encourage inclusive learning and build personalised subject-based programmes.

HUB Libro is the digital book from Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education: a paperback filled with videos, animation and interactive, self-corrected exercises; a tool that can be personalised with notes, audio recordings and drawings, to facilitate learning for all pupils, including those with special learning needs thanks to the accessible version; a means to encourage discussion and interaction between the class and teacher, thanks to its social media features. The virtual classroom is a fundamental tool for collaborative learning, giving teachers the ability to assign different interactive exercises to students or groups of students, and receive them back automatically corrected by the system, and to check the progress made by the class by setting objectives and monitoring results. With HUB Libro, lesson plans, Web resources, documents, presentations, voice notes, conceptual maps, and multimedia content can be shared with the entire class or with select groups only.