The wide range of content developed by Mondadori is distributed via various channels and methods of consumption: paper and eBooks, physical and online magazines, e-commerce and service websites, web applications.

The result is the development of multi-device content which can be accessed both online and offline, not only on PCs but also on mobile devices such as e-readers, tablets and smartphones.

The most structured application of this system of content creation is in the field of school books where, due to recent education legislation and the evolution of technology, products have become increasingly accessible in the last few years.

In 2016 the Mondadori and Rizzoli educational areas focused particular attention on the creation of editorial products for students that met demands for inclusivity. The majority of intellectual and economic resources went towards developing texts that could also be used by students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs), covering around 70% of school curricula. The advancement of digital technology makes it possible to produce highly legible documents and supplement texts with a package of support systems such as accessible back translations, interactive conceptual maps, and additional audio and video content to help the assimilation of knowledge.

A significant contribution has been made by Rizzoli Education and the volumes it has produced in partnership with Centro Studi Erickson, publisher and training centre that focuses on educational methods for recovery and support, as well as social problems in adolescents. This collaboration also produced the initiative #dossierBES, designed to provide teachers with all the tools they need for inclusive teaching in 9 online sessions on Facebook and Twitter.

The two educational areas worked together to develop HUB Scuola, the digital platform that from September 2017 will include the products and tools of the publishers in the same environment and, for all intents and purposes, will be the most important Italian digital educational platform in terms of market coverage, packed with innovative content and services in order to expand and personalise learning processes.

In terms of accessibility, the new editorial platform employs an editorial strategy centred on the offer of increasingly collaborative and inclusive content for teaching and learning. In fact, with this environment teachers and students will be given the tools to plan inclusive lessons accessible to everyone, personalising and sharing materials, monitoring the results, creating digital content and gathering multimedia content used to supplement their texts, taken from the internet or produced personally in class.