Since 2010, we have supported the Greenpeace initiative launched to encourage companies from the Italian pulp and paper sector to protect primary forests from destruction. In particular, we have been committed to defining a process to progressively increase our percentage of “friend of forests” paper over time.
In this respect, the 2010-2015 data testify to our commitment to progressively increasing the sustainability of all of our publishing houses.

Paper mills

As the result of a procurement policy,since 2014 the acquisition of paper was managed directly by Mondadori. This enabled the Group to consolidate its commitment to streamlining the amount of paper used to print its products and to exert greater control over the supplier selection process in order to ensure that supplier practices are consistent with the Group’s sustainability principles. Indeed, the criteria for the selection of suppliers require that paper is certified according to the two main schemes used worldwide, FSC and PEFC.

Paper consumption

In 2016 the total amount of paper consumed for the printing of Mondadori editorial products in Italy (books, magazines and other publications, such as schoolbooks and direct marketing, excluding Rizzoli) came to around 60,754 tonnes (down 12% against 2015 and 23% against 2014). The growth trend in the consumption of certified paper continued in 2016, accounting for almost all paper used (99.9%), while consumption of traditional paper (not certified) fell from 1554 tonnes in 2015 to just 23 tonnes in 2016. As regards Inthera, all of the paper it consumes is FSC-certified.

The Rizzoli publications, which became part of the scope of consolidation in 2016, consumed around 18,300 tonnes of paper, around 86.4% of which certified paper.

The table outlines the paper consumption figures by type (certified, traditional and recycled) for the 2014-2016 period.

Paper consumption - Italy (tonnes)

Certified paper58,64174,30%67,05597.60%60,68499.9%15,80086.4%
Recycled paper1700.20%630.10%460.1%0.0%
Traditional paper20,09525.50%1,5542.30%230.0%2,49213.6%

* The data on certified paper consumption in 2015 differ from the data published in the 2015 Sustainability Report as a result of the inclusion of data that became available after the Report was published

In France, the “Eco-contribution” tax represents another incentive for promoting the collection and recycling of paper waste. The application of this tax according to proportional criteria persuades publishers, including Mondadori France, to purchase their paper from paper mills located close to their production sites, to use paper containing more than 25% recycled fibres and to implement strategies that favour the recycling process.

In recent years Mondadori France has been strongly committed to reducing its environmental impact connected with the use of paper material, promoting the development of commercial relations with PEFC, FSC and ISO 14001 certified print shops. Indeed, Mondadori France now procures certified paper exclusively from paper mills located in Europe (mainly Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France) and with PEFC and FSC certification. In addition, since 2011 Mondadori France has been PEFC certified and every year it undergoes an audit by an external body to ensure that the company satisfies the requisites established by the organisation.

Paper consumption - France (tonnes)

Recycled Certified Paper ¹30,61157.10%18,37438.00%14,15830.90%
Classic Certified Paper22,98442.90%29,97662.00%31,68169.10%

1 This category includes all certified paper, not traditional paper, containing any percentage of recycled paper