Most human activities, such as industry, energy production or the use of soil, impact the environment and the areas concerned in many observable and measurable ways. These include the consumption of non-renewable natural resources and the release into the environment of polluting substances.
The environmental aspects associated with our activities can be divided into two main categories as follows:

  • direct: we have outsourced all printing operations for a number of years now. For this reason, the environmental aspects directly attributable to the company are limited to energy and water consumption and the consumption of materials (mainly from packaging) and the associated environmental impacts;
  • indirect: activities that may have a significant impact on the environment, i.e. paper production and printing, and the transportation of products.

The consumption of gas – Italy

Type of energyUnit of measurament2014*2015*2016*
Natural gas531,746512,530544,121

* The 2015 and 2016 figures contain estimates as the final consumption figures are not available; gas consumption relative to 2014 was recalculated on the basis of information on the sales network that became available after the publication of the 2015 Sustainability Report

Electricity consumptionUnit of measurement201420152016
Total electricity purchased from national gridMWh19,07117,48017,405
Total electricity purchased from national gridMWh2,5672,9622,917

* The 2015 and 2016 figures contain estimates as the final consumption figures are not available; the electricity consumption figures for 2015 and 2014 differ from those published in 2015 as they have been recalculated excluding Monradio

Water consumption *

DetailUnit of measurement201420152016
Consumption of water from public waterworks119,139100,42290,311
Consumption of water from owned wells2,230,0002,215,0001,999,00
Consumption of water from public waterworks6,1096,9377,221

* Where it was not possible to establish the exact amount of water consumed, the following method was used:

  • for sites/offices, a cautious consumption value was used, equal to 100 l/person*day, based on the number of employees operating in the different offices (this consumption was included in the table under “Consumption of water from public waterworks”);
  • for shops, the figure available for points of sale with direct supply was used and the consumption of the entire network per square metre was estimated. In addition, shop consumption in 2015 was recalculated on the basis of information that became available after the publication of the 2015 Sustainability Report.
    In order to guarantee the comparability of the data, the water consumption for 2014 and 2015 in Italy was recalculated excluding the consumption by Monradio.


Consumption of other materials (in tonnes)

The tables show the consumption of the main materials used by Mondadori (according to a conservative approach, these materials are considered as direct consumption also in the case of outsourcing).
As regards Italy, the figures include the materials used in the shipment of books (from Verona for Mondadori Libri publications and from Stradella for Rizzoli Libri publications), dailies and magazines (Press-di). In addition to trade books, as of 2013 the data regarding the shipment of books from the Verona warehouse also include the management of returns from franchised bookshops, part of Mondadori Education’s shipments and, since 2014, part also of those of Mondolibri.

Raw materialDetailVerona logistics centrePress-DiRizzoli Libri
WoodPallets ¹423866353
CardboardBoxes and packaging materials818318
PolyethylenePackage filling ¹13
PolyethylenePallet covers ¹2na1
PolypropyleneStrapping ¹6na4

¹ The figures relating to package filling materials, pallet covers and strapping only refer to Trade Books; the figures for Mondolibri are not available

As regards France, the materials for the shipping of magazines to newsstands and subscription publications are included.

Raw materialDetail201420152016
CardboardBoxes and packaging materials252320
PolyethylenePackage filling
PolyethylenePallet covers

Print cartridge and paper consumption for printouts (tonnes) – Italy

Raw materialDetail201420152016
PaperPaper for printouts9610295
Print cartridgesPrint cartridges for printouts433


The figures reported in the table only relate to the Segrate site. The significant increase in waste between 2015 and 2016 is due to the numerous works carried out at the building (replacement of fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs, renovation of company canteen, refurbishment of library).

TypeUnit of measurement201420152016
Non-hazardous wastekg176,299247,622360,962
Hazardous wastekg2,072270,52,341


The figures reported in the table only relate to the Mondadori France offices. The data relating to the Bobigny warehouse are not available. All waste produced by Mondadori France was sent for recovery or recycled.

TypeUnit of measurement201420152016
Non-hazardous wastekg273,429181,025228,735
Hazardous wastekg734997