As a result of the outsourcing of printing activities that has taken place in recent years, our production and industrial activities may, to a large extent, be considered to be tertiary.

Environmental certifications are therefore limited to a few specific cases:

CompanyTypeYearScopeExpiry dateCertificate
Inthera S.p.A.ISO 9001:20082004Design and provision of the following relationship marketing services: data collection, database management, marketing analysis, one-to-one communication, customer relationship management, creativity, printing, fulfilment, telemarketing, digital solutions2018Inthera ISO 9001
Inthera S.p.A.FSC-STD-40-004 ver. 2.12008Printing, customisation, assembly and delivery of books, brochures, commercial catalogues, leaflets, coupons, cards, letters, envelopes, boxes and other advertising material (FCS Mix and FSC Recycled)2018Inthera FSC
Mondadori ElectaISO 9001:20082008Design, production and marketing of artistic and cultural publishing products. Design and management of exhibitions. Management of publishing and sales services in museums and monuments; design and management of cultural promotion, development and marketing activities.2018Electa ISO 9001
Mondadori EducationISO 9001:20082008Design and production of school and university books, multimedia teaching tools and dictionaries. E-commerce activities in relation to the products made2018Education ISO 9001
Mondadori Magazines FrancePEFC – CoC2011Printed matter, paper and paper board.2021MMF PEFC

We began to estimate our greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 and in 2012 we produced our first full inventory of emissions according to the ISO 14064–1 standard, reporting the results to the CDP, and have continued to do so in subsequent years.

An independent company with CDP accreditation conducts a Limited Assurance Engagement, in accordance with ISAE 3000 and ISO 14064-1, and produces an independent assurance report on the data published and contained in the Carbon Disclosure Project questionnaire.

The limited assurance engagement is produced for internal use only for the purpose of CDP accreditation, and may not be published or distributed to third parties or attached to this section.