To define contributions to the community, from 2012 onwards, Mondadori is following the formulation of the London Benchmarking Group, in order to clarify the forms of support provided and their impact.

In 2016, the resources allocated by the Group to communities were estimated at over euro 700,000.

Contribution to the community 2016

  •   Objective achieved
  •   Project underway
  •   Project pending


Permanent monitoring of workplace safety and its training planIn 2016 the Mondadori Group configured a computer system for the management of health and safety in the workplace in order to identify workers exposed to risks and plan the relative mandatory medical check-ups: the software, continuously updated, is used to comply with workplace hygiene and safety regulations and also makes it possible to monitor and manage aspects relating to staff training. Again using software, the internal Supervisory body can constantly monitor the company’s respect for safety regulations. 
Drafting of a policy for the evaluation and selection of various social partnership initiativesMonitoring of community-support initiatives and auditing in order to permit the proper performance of activities require an internal regulatory framework and/or the appropriate tools in order to avoid dispersion of resources 
Stakeholder involvement initiatives throughout the entire yearIn addition to the planned and regular stakeholder engagement activities, there is a need to involve individual stakeholders or groups in specific events or projects