Our history is peppered with strong and deep-rooted relationships with a range of communities, from all of our potential users for whom we provide products and services to the various interest groups who collaborate, interact and liaise with us; from the countries in which we operate to the vast world of the internet; from the areas in which we are physically present with offices or stores to the spaces and places where we choose to get involved with community-based projects.

We interpret the concept of community in the broadest sense possible. It is something that arises from the very activities with which we are involved, books, magazine, content. We feel it is our duty to reflect on the impact of our activities in respect of more specific and defined communities, and we understand the importance of our focus and commitment to these communities.

Initiatives in support of the community

The activities carried out in 2016 with the aim of supporting single associations and projects for the benefit of the community involved both the Group and the individual businesses and companies.

Once again last year the Group contributed by making a donation, during the end of year festivities, to projects in line with its social responsibility commitment; more specifically, in 2016 its donation went to the Children’s Clinic of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital of Milan and, more precisely, the multidisciplinary centre dedicated to adolescent problems.

The Children’s Clinic, founded in May 2015, complements medical care with a series of socio-recreational treatments: these include the first facility in Italy for the rehabilitation of the young victims or perpetrators of the growing phenomenon of cyberbullying. Every year the team of child psychologists, psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists handles over 700 cases of bullying, online and not, as well as 300 cases connected with vamping (messages, photos, comments made during the night) and catfishing (creation of fake IDs to conceal one’s identity).

In October 2015, an agreement was signed between Fatebenefratelli Hospital and MIUR to create, within the Children’s Clinic, a Centre for the prevention and combating of cyberbullying and illegal online phenomena. The structure is named after Carolina Picchio, a 14-year-old from Novara who committed suicide in 2013 and is now the emblem of the fight against online bullying.

Particularly worth mentioning is the support that Mondadori France guarantees the Restos du Coeur association each year. Stemming from an idea by actor Coluche in 1985, Restos du Coeur provides assistance, beginning with the free distribution of meals, to disadvantaged sections of society, from the homeless to families affected by the economic crisis. In over 30 years of activity, Restos du Coeur has expanded its scope of action: the distribution of meals remains its primary function (over 132 million meals provided), and gradually this has been joined by initiatives for reintegration in the world of employment, legal advice, healthcare, housing, education and recreational assistance.