Our history is peppered with strong and deep-rooted relationships with a range of communities, from all of our potential users for whom we provide products and services to the various interest groups who collaborate, interact and liaise with us; from the countries in which we operate to the vast world of the internet; from the areas in which we are physically present with offices or stores to the spaces and places where we choose to get involved with community-based projects.

We interpret the concept of community in the broadest sense possible. It is something that arises from the very activities with which we are involved, books, magazine, content. We feel it is our duty to reflect on the impact of our activities in respect of more specific and defined communities, and we understand the importance of our focus and commitment to these communities.

Initiatives in support of the community

Many activities were carried out in 2015 at Group level and by the individual businesses with the aim of supporting single associations and projects for the benefit of the community.

Since 2014 the Group has chosen to make a donation, symbolically during the end of year festivities, to projects in line with Mondadori’s social responsibility commitment: after the contribution made to the non-profit association Fondazione Abio Italia, which works across Italy to improve the quality of children’s stays in hospital, with the aim of opening a playroom at a children’s hospital, in 2015 the donation went towards the Save the Children Punti Luce project to combat the educational poverty of millions of Italian children and adolescents. Punti Luce are highly educational spaces located in the most disadvantaged areas of cities where children of 6 to 16 years of age and their families can access free activities: help with their studies, artistic and musical workshops, play and physical activities, the promotion of reading, access to new technologies, parental education, educational, paediatric and legal advice.

The Group also supports the community through some of the individual titles produced by its publishing brands: as well as the books already mentioned in relation to Mediafriends, there was also Undici per la Liguria by Einaudi, an anthology produced by eleven writers from Liguria, either by birth or adoption, the proceeds of which contributed to helping the San Fruttuoso infant school in Genoa, rendered inaccessible by the flood of October 2014, and the Mario Calabresi book Non temete per noi, la nostra vita sarà meravigliosa (Mondadori) which supported the Medici per l’Africa CUAMM association financing 30 study grants for obstetricians in Uganda.

Mondadori Retail made an active contribution with a donation to the European Institute of Research into Cystic Fibrosis (IERFC) and the Christmas initiative in association with Cesvi to support the fight against AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and raise the awareness of AIDS prevention among young Italians. In December, Cesvi volunteers appeared at Mondadori Megastores and Bookstores in the biggest Italian cities to gift wrap purchases and collect donations to support the association’s projects.

The projects carried out by the magazine area in 2015 were highly significant and spanned various different fields.

The discovery of Italian excellence in the world of business, economics, culture and cuisine was the focal point of the second Panorama d’Italia, a tour of ten Italian cities organised by Panorama, the Mondadori news magazine, between March and November 2015. There was a high level of public participation in this live&media experience with 4 million readers, web users and direct participants in the tour involved, an increase compared with the first edition of the event. New for this year was the involvement of secondary schools in every city and the donation of 3,500 books to participating schools. The third edition of Panorama d’Italia is currently in progress.

With the same spirit, but focusing solely on Milan and its suburbs, in association with Expo in Città and for the entire duration of Expo 2015, Mondadori held a programme of events open to the public – openings, exhibitions, cooking masterclasses, meetings with personalities from the world of culture, design and food – which were organised in showrooms, locations and historic sites in Milan. Mondadori Electa published a free monthly event guide in Italian and English with 300,000 copies of every edition distributed in over 110 locations across the city, as well as the dedicated website and app. The magazines Donna Moderna, Interni, CasaFacile, Sale&Pepe and Icon took part in the initiative.