Market trends in the first 6 months of 2018

In the first half of 2018 the trade book market was essentially stable compared with the first half of last year (-0.1%)[1]; a slight decrease was recorded by the bookshop chains (-1.2%) and independent bookstores (-3.2%), which represent respectively 43% and 26% of the total market. E-commerce grew by 11.6%, representing 23% of the total market. On the other hand, the contraction of large-scale distribution continued (-12.5%), down to 8% of the market.

As far as the educational publishing market is concerned, which is subject to a different seasonality, it is not possible to measure the market trend at this time of year.

In May 2018, the Italian magazine market saw a further downturn in advertising (-8.6% in print magazines, but +2.1% in the Internet market)[2], circulation (-9.1% and slowdowns in both the newsstand channel and subscriptions)[3] and add-on sales (-16.4%, slightly better than the trend in 2017).

The French magazine market also continued to contract, with newsstand sales falling (-4.8% in May 2018)[4] and print advertising sales falling (-10.7% in April)[5].

[1] Source: GfK, June 2018 (sell-out market value data)

[2] Source: Nielsen, value data at June 2018

[3] Source: circulation by value (newstands + subs. channels) – internal, May 2018

[4] Source: Mondadori France + Presstalis (value data at May 2018)

[5] Source: Net Index (value data, April 2018)

Market's evolution

Trade books -0.1%4.1%5.4%2.3%1.3%-0.4%0.7%2.3%2.6%0.5%0.9%-2.0%-2.7%
  • Bookstore chains
  • Independent bookstores
  • E-commerce
  • Large retailers
Magazines Italy
  • Circulation*
  • Advertising




  • Add ons
Magazines France
  • Circulation (newsstands)
  • Advertising (print)

* Starting from 1H 2016, the % varations refer to the whole circulation market trends (newstands + subscriptions)

Trade book: GFK (value)
Magazine Italy: circulation, internal estimate (value) – advertising, Nielsen (value)
Magazine France: circulation, internal estimate + Presstalis (value) – advertising, Net Index (value)