The publishing and media industries are still facing considerable uncertainties. The persisting negative economic scenario, on the one hand, and the essential transition towards new business models, on the other, including the digital development represent elements of discontinuity that may have reverberations on the traditional market balance.

In this context, the risk generated by the increased level of competition in the main relevant markets remains a priority, especially in the digital market, as well as the risk correlated to the unavailability of blockbuster bestsellers in the trade area.

Main risksMitigating actions
Increased competitive pressure in target markets due to fierce competition by those already present and/or the entry of new competitors.Continuous improvement of the editorial offer and product quality. Integration with sales networks in order to achieve cost and revenue synergies.
Risk linked to the lack of megaseller titles in trade sector.Maintaining a firm hold in the rights acquisition market and improving publishing efficiency.