This page offers a comparison of the key financial data from the most recent annual financial statements and shows the interim (quarterly) figures from FY2014.

P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement figures, stated in the current standard, the most representative for the Group businesses, are available on an annual and on a quarterly basis from FY 2013.

The subsequent pages in this section also show figures relating to breakdown by business area  and the net financial position.

In the downloadable Excel file, key financial data, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and breakdown by business area from FY2013, both annual and cumulative, are included.

Income Statements
Net profit30.422.57.934.9%
Balance sheet
Net commercial working capital (including other assets/liabilities)(2.8)12.5(15.3)(122.4%)
Net capital employed534.6581.4(46.8)(8.0%)
Net debt(189.2) (263.6)74.3(28.2%)
Net assets345.3317.827.58.7%
Income statements
Revenue 253.41,268.3924.7553.0271.61,263,3935.3562.6254.81,123.2817.1518.0251.7
EBITDA (3.0)101.179.327.32.394.070.322.58.581.648.819.05.9
EBIT (10.7)61.555.111.2(5.6)
Net profit (13.6)30.431.24.4(9.2)22.517.9(3.8)(1.8)6.4(2.8)(12.2)(4.7)
Balance sheet
Net commercial working capital (including other assets/liabilities) 15.8(2.8)52.845.723.912.574.980.5(10.0)(30.9)4.534.733.2
Net capital employed 553.9534.6601.5607.2595.4581.4638.8666.0517.8495.0528.6604.9604.4
Net debt (221.9)(189.2)(256.0)(284.4)(286.2)(263.6)(329.0)(374.8)(224.9)(199.4)(243.6)(326.5)(319.2)
Net assets 332.0345.3345.5322.8309.2317.8309.8291.2292.8295.6285.0278.4285.2