This page offers a comparison of the key financial annual data (yoy and from FY2013): the quarterly tab shows the interim figures of the last three years.

P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement figures, stated in the current standard, the most representative for the Group businesses, are available on an annual and on a quarterly basis from FY 2013.

The subsequent pages in this section also show figures relating to breakdown by business area (annual: yoy and from FY2013; cumulative: from FY2013)  and the net financial position.

In the downloadable Excel file, key financial data, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and breakdown by business area from FY2013, both annual and cumulative, are included.

(€/m)20172016Var. (€/m)Var. %
Income statements
Net profit30.422.57.934.9%
Balance sheet
Net commercial working capital (including other assets/liabilities)(2.8)12.5(15.3)(122.4%)
Net capital employed534.6581.4(46.8)(8.0%)
Net debt(189.2)(263.6)74.3(28.2)%
Net assets345.3317.827.58.7%


Income statements
Revenue1,268.31,263.31,123.21,169.5 1,275.8
EBITDA101.194.081.671.5 (12.8)
EBIT61.560.054.548.2 (183.1)
Net profit30.422.56.40.6 (185.4)
Balance sheet
Net commercial working capital (including other assets/liabilities)(2.8)12.5(30.9)9.4 56.2
Net capital employed534.6581.4495.0580.9 621.9
Net debt(189.2)(263.6)(199.4)(291.8) (363.2)
Net assets345.3317.8295.6289.1258.7
Income statements
Revenue 543.8253.41,268.3924.7573.1271.61,263.3935.3562.6254.81,123.2818.3517.1251.7
EBITDA 14.3(3.0)101.179.327.62.394.070.322.58.581.648.819.05.9
EBIT (1.1)(10.7)61.555.111.5(5.6)
Net profit (12.5)(13.6)30.431.24.4(9.2)22.517.9(3.8)(1.8)6.4(2.8)(12.2)(4.7)
Balance sheet
Net commercial working capital (including other assets/liabilities) 43.415.8(2.8)52.845.723.912.574.980.5(10.0)(30.9)7.234.733.2
Net capital employed 573.3553.9534.6601.5607.2595.4581.4638.8666.0517.8495.0528.6604.9604.4
Net debt (238.4)(221.9)(189.2)(256.0)(284.4)(286.2)(263.6)(329.0)(374.8)(224.9)(199.4)(243.6)(326.5)(319.2)
Net assets 334.9332.0354.3345.5322.9309.2317.8309.8291.2292.8295.6285.0278.4285.2