We have been publishers since 1907. The development of our identity as a result of changes in the media industry over time has been accompanied by constant attention to our values and our mission: to encourage the dissemination of culture and ideas through products, activities and services that satisfy the needs and tastes of the widest possible audience. Our vision combines our love for culture and for publishing quality with the laws of the market, and the propensity to identify and anticipate changes with respect and protection of the values that are at the basis of a publisher’s role in civil society.

The current national and international scenario and the rapid change in the competitive scenario of the media industry make our ability to evolve and innovate quickly and effectively increasingly strategic. In this scenario, human resources play a central role, particularly because they are tasked with handling and anticipating rather than undergoing change.

The Group’s Human Resources department aims to attract and develop dynamic and proactive individuals who are driven to achieve continuous growth and results. The new generation of Mondadori staff also share a strong passion for publishing, and an ability to work as part of a team in an international and innovative environment.

Therefore, we pay special attention to the professional and management training and development of young resources. Training is one of the key tools for motivating staff and strengthening internal capabilities and expertise.

For this reason, we are committed to updating and renewing content, training methods and internal growth plans on a daily basis.