Offering every employee the same opportunities to develop their skills and abilities, without discrimination in terms of race, gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or personal beliefs is one of the key points of our human resource management policy, as stipulated by the company’s Code of Ethics.

With regard to gender equality, we encourage and promote equal conditions for men and women.
The proportion of female employees over the last three years has remained constant at about 60%.
The remuneration system also respects substantial parity in the pay rates for male and female staff.

Workforce according to level

2015 % of total of which women of which men
Executives 4% 26% 74%
Middle Managers 12% 56% 44%
Office Workers 65% 65% 35%
Journalists 14% 69% 31%
Workers 5% 28% 72%
Total 61% 39%

Female presence among the heads of titles

Remuneration women/men

Executives 75%
Middle Managers 91%
Office Workers 90%
Journalists 77%
Workers 90%

Employees with disabilities

2015 % of total % Women % Men
Middle Managers 3% 67% 33%
Office Workers 79% 46% 54%
Journalists 2% 100% 0%
Workers 3% 33% 67%
Total 46% 54%

Since 2012, Mondadori has been part of the Charter for equal opportunity, a declaration of intent voluntarily signed by companies of all sizes, to disseminate an inclusive corporate and human resource culture that is free from discrimination and prejudice and which enhances talents in all their diversities.

Since January 2016, we have been ordinary members of Valore D, which promotes gender equality, presence and growth of female talent within companies, professional firms, organisations and institutions.