The selection process is carried out prevalently through individual interviews that focus on the personal, motivational and technical characteristics of the applicant in relation to the job being in question. The process begins with a meeting with the HR managers and is followed by a second meeting with the line manager.

The main criteria used in assessing candidates include educational background, previous work experience and know-how, potential capacity, and IT and English skills.

Strong interest in our business, excellent people skills and organisational and problem-solving capacity are particularly important elements. We value enthusiasm and the willingness to learn. Other key characteristics include being proactive, having the spirit of initiative, being able to work in a team and the desire to be given increasing responsibility, also at the international level.

Mondadori is a large company with many different professional roles. Consequently, we seek candidates with very different educational backgrounds. We tend to prefer candidates with degrees in humanities (for our editorial, communications and HR departments), business and engineering (employed in administration, finance, marketing and sales) and the Internet and digital media.

A master’s degree or specialisation course is an additional positive component on one’s application.

Considering the continuous globalisation of the Mondadori Group, work and study experiences abroad and knowledge of at least one foreign language are preferred.

In preparing for the interview, you should read up on the position offered and on the company, and be ready to talk about the contents of your curriculum.

The introduction of new graduates takes place through a paid internship, during which candidates begin to learn about the employment world and the company, working alongside an internal tutor. Internships play a key role in deepening their knowledge of the Group, bringing into play their professional skills and giving them concrete work experience.

Best Employer of Choice

In 2017, the Mondadori Group ranked 7th Best Employer of Choice, which indicates the level of satisfaction of new graduates with their workplaces. The ranking (on a total of over 101 companies that are among the top Italian firms) is contained within the Recent Graduate Survey conducted by Cesop Communication, which analyses the view points and expectations of new graduates in the workplace on a yearly basis, as well as their preferences and objectives with respect to their companies.