We are constantly seeking new resources to join our group.
If you are interested in a career with companies of the Mondadori Group and want to submit your CV, you will find constantly updated ads for internship positions for graduates and future graduates, and job listings for individuals with at least one year of experience.
An average of two weeks is generally required from submission of your application and scheduling of an interview. In any case, candidates who are not successful in the selection process shall be advised via e-mail or regular mail. 
If there are no positions of interest or positions suitable to your profile, you may send us your CV using the open application form: you will be contacted if any positions in line with your characteristics open up.
Completion of the form is fast and easy (about 6 minutes). Once your CV is uploaded into the system, the system will send you a welcome message. Three months after submission, if you have not updated your profile, you will receive a message to invite you to confirm or modify your data.

Stay in touch with us through LinkedIn as well: follow our page and receive news and updates from the Group.