Simonetta Bocca

Group Head of Human Resources and Organisation

Management - Simonetta-Bocca

Simonetta Bocca has been the Mondadori Group’s Director of Human Resources and Organisation since September 2015.

Born in Biella in 1963, she holds a degree in mathematics and information science from the University of Turin. She begins her career at Alenia Aeronautica in 1987, with growing responsibility in the areas of planning and control, total quality, business processes, reengineering and organisation.

She joins Fiat Auto in 1998 as head of Processes, Organisation and IT systems for the suppliers and manufacturing divisions and, from 2000, for the sales and marketing divisions in Italy and Europe. In 2002, she moves to Aprilia and Moto Guzzi – Piaggio Group as Head of Human Resources, Organisation and Strategic Planning. She subsequently takes on the role of Head of Human Resources, Staff and Organisation, Development, Training and Internal Communications at Trenitalia; she later joins the Coin-Upim Group, heading Human Resources, Organisation, ICT and Legal Affairs

In 2011, she is appointed Vice President of Human Resources and Organisation of the Seda International Packaging Group for the creation of a new company in the United States. In 2015, she becomes Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Organisation and ICT at Nicotra Gebhardt CBI Group, with the position of CEO of Industrie CBI and CBI Service.