Most of our activities are conducted within Italy, from book publishing to the publication of magazines, and from the chain of bookstores to the creation of websites and online services.


We have been in France since 2006, with Mondadori France.Our entrance into the most important magazine market in Europe, in terms of distribution as well as advertising sales, was one of the fundamental steps in our growth process on the international markets.


Development of our magazine sector abroad is coordinated by subsidiary Mondadori International Business S.r.l. In addition to an investment in the capital of Greek publisher Attica Publications, with a stake of approximately 42%, over the last few years we have introduced brands onto the international markets that best represent the Italian lifestyle and tastes.

Among these, particular mention goes to the women’s magazine Grazia, which since 2004 has succeeded in building up a network of international editions.

Headed by Carla Vanni, the Grazia International Network has brought this magazine, established in Italy in 1938, to markets around the world from 2004 until the present day: from the UK and France (where it is published by Mondadori France) to Russia, China, the Netherlands, India, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, South Africa, Poland, Spain, Qatar, South Korea, Turkey and Mexico.

A network of publications that boasts a total monthly circulation of over 13 million copies around the world.