Responsible products and services

We constantly renew our commitment in the area of sustainability, also through the offer of responsible products and services.

Books printed on certified paper

Our journey towards product sustainability began with the commitment made in December 2010 to progressively increase the use of certified paper in production by all publishing houses of the Group. However, the commitment to using eco-compatible paper dates back to a few years earlier, with publication of the Wu Ming 2 book Guerra agli umani (Stile libero Big, 2004) by Einaudi, first publishing house to join the Greenpeace initiative Authors for Forests.

We are committed to progressively increasing the sustainability of all publishing houses of the Group, and in 2015 the percentage of certified paper (PEFC or FSC) used to print our products reached 97.6%.

Digital textbooks

Mondadori Education pays close attention to the accessibility of its products: in fact, in recent years it has made important investments in the development of digital products and related educational products.

During 2015, Mondadori Education worked on development of the digital book according to three guidelines: customisation, verticalisation and sharing. Two new types of digital books have been introduced alongside the MEbook: MEbook kids, conceived and designed for elementary school, and MEbook eXtra, the natively liquid digital book.

MEbook is the Mondadori Education digital book that is easy to use, practical and contains an array of tools: notes may be added, parts of pages cut and text entered. Starting this year, the MEbook is integrated with the Devoto-Oli, Le Monnier dictionary: with a simple click, you can search for the meaning of any word contained in the text.

The MEbook may be consulted from any device: computer, tablet, smart phone; a permanent internet connection is not required, as it also works offline; moreover, the individual chapters may be downloaded in order to facilitate use on mobile devices.

In terms of accessibility, the concept of “liquid book”, which allows the text to adapt to the various viewing devices, has been further developed in the MEbook, MEbook kids and MEbook eXtra. Thanks to the liquid book, a project launched by Mondadori Education in 2014, the limitations of the fixed page layout have been overcome, with preference given to use of content, offering new ways to study and read. Designed to encourage inclusive learning, the liquid book allows the reader to choose the font and character size. It is particularly popular with students with special learning requirements as it enables content to be read and accessed in the most suitable format and size for their device, also offering the option of choosing a font that is easier to read.

MEbook kids has a simple and intuitive design developed to meet the needs of elementary school students and teachers. A guide accompanies users with useful suggestions on using the digital book and its tools, also indicating which exercises on the page are interactive. MEbook kids is accessible and inclusive, with images that can be enlarged with a click, pages that can be zoomed up to 200%, easy-to-read fonts and text that can be read aloud.

MEbook eXtra is a new generation digital book that accompanies students every step of the way in their studies and provides teachers with maximum personalisation of contents and lessons; it is also adaptive and easy to use on any device. One may use the integrated digital content within the book, as well as the conceptual maps and semantic search of the text, leading to the discovery of relationships and correspondence among various topic areas. For effective collaborative learning, the MEbook eXtra allows notes to be shared and saved in the Notebook, the personal notebook that keeps track of one’s activities. The study experience is further enhanced by the ample digital content and the image management function.

Online learning

Alongside its investments in the development of digital products, Mondadori Education continued to invest in its educational range in 2015 with the LinkYou training programme, which was launched in 2012 before exploding in 2013. Since 2014, Mondadori Education is a training body accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research for the training of school teachers – MIUR Decree of 15/07/2014, Prot. AOODPIT.595.

In 2015, LinkYou was enhanced with LinkYou Game, an online platform that teaches how to best use new technologies to create interesting lessons. The course is structured on levels: a score is assigned to each activity carried out, enabling one to move to the subsequent step. There are four levels, for a total of ten objectives to be achieved. Step by step, they lead to the discovery of digital tools to help instructors teach using new technologies.

Products in favour of blind or visually-impaired students and readers

In addition to digital material designed for multimedia use by the general public, Mondadori Education is also sensitive to the needs of differently-abled students.

In compliance with the Governance Code of the educational publishing industry of AIE (Italian Association of Publishers), Mondadori Education has entered into agreements with the Italian national associations involved in the reproduction of school texts for blind or visually-impaired individuals (“Regina Margherita” Italian Library for the Blind, a non-profit organisation) and individuals with learning disorders (Digital Library of the Italian Dyslexia Association).

Mondadori Education also organises seminars and webinars on learning disabilities and special educational needs for teachers.