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Tu Style


Year of launch: 1999

Editor: Marina Bigi

Frequency: weekly

Segment: Women's Magazines

Average circulation: 128,659

Readership: 510,000

Email: tustyle@mondadori.it

Website: Tustyle.it

Dati aggiornati al: 01-04-2016


Ten years since the launch of Tu, a women's lifestyle magazine with a heavy emphasis on service and closely related to current trends as seen through the world of national and international celebrities, the title underwent a radical transformation and emerged in January 2009 as Tu Style.
The weekly's new formula is characterised by an innovative journalistic approach: from reports of women photographed in some of the world's remotest locations to extreme and moving stories about women and their lives, as well as head to head interviews with the celebrities of the moment. The success of Tu Style is completed by the selection of the photos and a contemporary and international layout.

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