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Year of launch: 1995

Editor: Alfonso Signorini

Frequency: weekly

Segment: Women's Magazines

Average circulation: 191,213

Readership: 2,387,000

Email: chiposta@mondadori.it

Dati aggiornati al: 01-04-2016


Chi is a women's magazine, featuring stories, interviews, exclusive photographs and prestigious anticipations on the lives of the protagonists from the worlds of television, politics and sport, in a tone that avoids scandal and gossip. It also pays a great deal of attention to the quality of photography and exclusive stories.
Chi is one of the groundbreaking editorial formulas of recent years and has a constantly growing circulation. From its launch, Chi established its position thanks to an original formula which, together with personalities in their "natural surroundings", has consistently given space also to fashion and beauty.

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